How to choose coats and winter clothes for pregnant women

How to choose coats and winter clothes for pregnant women

Winter coats and clothes for pregnant women should take into account several important factors, to ensure thermal comfort, but also to maintain optimum health during the colder year. Here are the criteria for choosing the winter coat when you are pregnant and why you should consider filling the wardrobe with clothes for the cold season!

Choosing the coat for pregnant women

If you are not one of the pregnant women who are lucky enough to catch the cold season at the beginning of the pregnancy, when the tummy is still not large and they can wear the coat they already have in their regular wardrobe, then it is important to consider a few things when purchasing one. new, for the period of your pregnancy.

Always buy winter clothes when you need them, not in advance. Purchase it exactly when the cold season begins. This way, you will choose the right size for the period of pregnancy you are in, taking care to calculate if the tummy will increase until the season to wear the coat is over.

If when you buy it you are only towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, but the cold season is just beginning, take it a little bigger than it should, because the tummy will grow and will need room. You don't want to have to buy a new one in a month or two!

Coats are some of the few clothing items for pregnant women that can be purchased from any store, not necessarily from those specifically dedicated to the pregnancy period. However, specialists recommend that you go to the pregnant shops. They are only equipped with clothes specially designed for pregnancy. Their manufacturers take into account the quality of the materials, the type of texture, but also the tailoring when making them, and they adapt them perfectly to the pregnant body. They are specially designed to ensure your comfort when you wear them, but also the safety and warmth needed by the body when traveling outdoors.

Buy the model according to your personality and the style of clothing that characterizes you! Just because you are pregnant does not mean you cannot enjoy the clothes you like. You can choose short or knee-length coats, which are molded on the body shape or long and wide models. Whatever the garment might be, it should be made of quality materials that do not weigh much, so as not to add more weight to the whole body.

Some pregnant women give up their coat in favor of poncho, a modern and trendy clothing item. It is very practical and comfortable, it allows the belly to grow without putting pressure, but it does not keep warm. You need multiple layers of clothing underneath. This is an advantage when you spend a lot of time outside. By the time you get into the heated space, it may be very warm to you after you pull the poncho down because of the multiple layers of clothing.

Choosing winter clothes for pregnant women

When you are pregnant and you have to choose clothes for winter you have to take into account several factors - whether they should be worn outside or at home, how warm the spaces you frequent. Of course, you should focus on the districts of thick clothes - sweaters, thick cotton dresses, tights, blazers, thick pants, gloves, scarves, hats, etc.

Keep in mind that if you go somewhere and you have to travel a lot outside, but then stay in a warm room, you have to dress so that you are not cold outside, but not warm when you arrive at your destination. Layering in several layers is the most efficient and handy solution to ensure your comfort when you need to go from hot to cold.

Wearing thin blouses on the skin and then putting on a thick cardigan with buttons on the underside of your jacket helps keep your body comfortable when you go outside. When you arrive at the destination, if it is very hot, you can take your cardigan down and stay in the thin blouse, thus preserving the thermal comfort of the body.

Be careful to wear tights over tights or under pants and never leave the house without the complete set of caps, scarves, gloves. Remember that the cold sensation starts from the extremities of the body!

How do you choose your winter clothes during pregnancy? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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