How to convince your child to stop eating sweets. 3 smart strategies

How to convince your child to stop eating sweets. 3 smart strategies

Ice cream, cake, chocolate, candy, lollipops, wafers or cakes - for children, they mean the paradise of snacks. But for their health, sugar has so many harmful effects that it is clear why all pediatricians recommend that we teach our children to live without sweets.

A diet high in sugar causes children to become overactive, increases the risk of childhood obesity, grits their teeth and, in the worst cases, lays the foundation for chronic diseases that will be struggled with later in life. Frequent colds, infections, low immunity, allergies or gastric reflux can also be based on a high sugar diet. This is why it is so important to convince your child not to eat sweets anymore. Although this seems easier said than done, if you consider these tips, the fight will be one half won:

1. Replace sweets and snacks with healthy options

If you completely ban your child from certain foods, you will surely find a way to consume them, without you noticing. "We, as parents, need to make an inventory of healthy substitutes for sweets, because we know our little ones will continue to be attracted to what other kids their age eat," says Jessica Crandall, a nutritionist at the US Diet and Nutrition Academy. .

Therefore, the key is to choose not only healthy but tasty substitutes for any child's liking. Sounds impossible, right? Well, you will change your mind as soon as you discover these healthy snacks, which are able to satisfy the tastes of the most deliciously delicious, but which are full of nutrients, without added sugars and dangerous fats. If you offer him such snacks, your little one will no longer crave the sweets in the trade, which are so harmful to him.

2. Educate your child by the power of their own example

Culinary habits are learned from childhood and are difficult to change at maturity. How to feed your child now is decisive for his health for over 20 years. And children tend to imitate their parents, including their behavior at the table. Therefore, if you refuse certain foods to your child, but he sees you eating them, not only will he find it unfair and wrong on your part, but he will understand that there is nothing wrong with those foods. It is best to make a pact in the family that from now on you will eat healthy together. Involve the little one in the shopping process, give him some simple tasks (to choose the fruit or, if he is of the age at which he can read, to recognize the artificial ingredients in the food) and to explain in detail what happens in body when it deviates from the rules of healthy eating.

3. Cook as much as possible in the house

Home cooked foods have fewer calories, are healthier, more satiated and tasty. There is no such thing as a "mother at home" expression, to describe that food that tastes like a child. No matter how busy you are, do it daily or several times a week to cook healthy at home. order fast food, such as pizza, fried chicken salads, Chinese food or fried potatoes with chicken in the oil bath, and home-made sweets are tastier and better, as long as you use natural ingredients, less processed.

How do you convince your child to give up unhealthy food? What advice do you have for moms facing this problem?

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