Can sex too often influence the chances of conception?

Can sex too often influence the chances of conception?

There are a lot of contradictory theories about the number of unprotected sexual acts you have to have in a month to get pregnant. While some of them claim that too much sex harms the chances of becoming pregnant, others rely on as much sex for a faster conception.

Although, sex is the main means by which you can fulfill your dream of becoming pregnant, the specialists warn that it does not matter the quantity, but rather the period in the menstrual cycle in which you choose to have sex.

Does sex too often affect your chances of getting pregnant?

According to specialists, intense sex does not affect the chances of becoming pregnant. However, the stress or pressure that often appears on your "shoulders" trying to find the right time to have sex for conception may decrease your chances of becoming pregnant.

Experts argue that the theory that if you have less sex, the more likely you are to get pregnant is a myth. On the contrary, they found that regular sex increases the chances of couples getting pregnant.

The sperm of men who have sex more often is healthier and provides the necessary properties for conception. If the sexual activity of men decreases, the properties of the sperm are affected and the chances of conceiving children are greatly reduced.

When is it good to have sex to conceive faster?

The specialists warn that the moment of the month in which the unprotected sexual contact takes place in order to conceive the child is crucial for obtaining the chances of becoming pregnant. In other words, not the quantity matters, but the period in which you increase and increase the number of sexual acts.

According to the doctors, the sexual act for conception must overlap with the period of ovulation in the menstrual cycle, when the woman's body releases the egg to be fertilized.

To increase your chances of becoming pregnant, it is important to have sexual intercourse 1-2 days before ovulation and at least once on the day when ovulation reaches peak period.

In a regular menstrual cycle, for 28 days, ovulation occurs in the middle of this period, approximately on the 14th day after the last menstruation, so sexual intercourse must be started from days 12-13 of the cycle and continued throughout the 14 days. and 15.

During the rest of the month, you are in the non-ovulatory phases, in which no matter how much sex you make, the sperm in the semen have nothing to fertilize, because your body releases only one egg, once a month.

Only if you suffer from hormonal or menstrual cycle disorders there is a risk of spontaneous ovulation. This means that ovulation can occur at any period of the menstrual cycle, so there are high chances of getting pregnant at any time after unprotected sexual contact.

To more accurately detect ovulation and increase your chances of becoming pregnant, buy a special kit from the pharmacy and follow the signs that empty it (increase in basal temperature, mild abdominal cramps - pain Mittelschmerz, change of mucus cervical, the appearance of blood spots in the middle of the month, etc.)

What do you think? The more sex you have, the chances of getting pregnant increase or decrease? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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