End of the week with children's movies in Amara

End of the week with children's movies in Amara

The stories of childhood, both read and seen, follow us all our lives. As the film has, over time, taken the place of the storyteller who creates fantastic worlds and awakens the imagination of the little ones.

For this reason, Amara City Hall and the CineCultura Association invite children, parents and grandparents to spend several hours watching some of the most beautiful Romanian children's movies, which have delighted generations of viewers.

The projections will take place at the end of this week, between June 30 - July 2, at the Summer Garden in Amara, starting at 21:00.

And because the purpose of the "Caravan of the Romanian film", through the "Book and film" section, is to promote the Romanian film, realizing - for cultural and educational purposes - a nostalgic journey among the most valuable national productions, children and parents from Amara will had the opportunity to meet the most beautiful films: "Memories from childhood" and "Veronica returns", directed by "the lady of the Romanian film for children" - Elizabeth Bostan, but also "Wonderful Dumbrava", directed by Gheorghe Naghi.

For many of today's mature viewers, the story of Veronica, Nica or Lizucai means, first and foremost, the films with which they grew up and which enriched their childhood. Therefore, perhaps, today's parents feel the need - nostalgically or with a clear awareness of the educational role - to share them with the generations that come after them these immortal stories ...

"The caravan of the Romanian film - The book and the film / Masterpieces of the national cinema" is a project initiated and carried out by the CineCultura Association in partnership with MDV Audio Studio, 2017 being the fifth consecutive year in which it continues its series of cultural-educational events.

Public access is free, within the available places.


The complete program of the projections within the "Caravan of the Romanian film - The book and the film" at AMARA is the following:


Friday, June 30, 9 pm:

Screenplay and direction: Elisabeta Bostan;
With: Stefan Ciobotarasu, Ion Bocancea, Corina Constantinescu, Emanoil Petrut
Duration: 68 min.

Saturday, July 1, 9 pm:

Directed by: Elisabeta Bostan;
Screenplay: Elisabeta Bostan, Vasilica Istrate;
With: Lulu Mihaescu, Margareta Paslaru, Florian Pitis, Dem Radulescu
Duration: 84 min.

Sunday, July 2, 9 pm:

Screenplay: Draga Olteanu Matei;
Directed by: Gheorghe Naghi;
With: Dear Olteanu Matei, Florina Cercel, Olga Delia Mateescu, Ernest Maftei, Diana Musca
Duration: 75 minutes

For more details visit www.caravanafilm.ro.

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