The Little Celebrities bring to life the children's film industry in Romania

The Little Celebrities bring to life the children's film industry in Romania

The Film and Television School for Children Little Stars released on Thursday, March 28, two new short films for children, "Little Stars give a show" and "Little Stars discover the secret of magnets", productions that are part of a large film project , unique in Romania, the series of short films for children "The Adventures of the Little Stars".

The two short films were filmed at the Bucharest Central School and combine the educational themes with the captivating adventures of the Little Stars.

"In the movie 'Little Stars give a show', the children show their talent and ability to make a successful show alone. And to integrate the new classmate into their collective, a little too shy, the Little Stars show a lot of skill and collegiality. ", said Ariana Pendiuc, director, but also director of the Little Star School.

In the second film, "Little Stars discover the secret of magnets", Anisia, a 9-year-old girl, embarks on a new adventure in her attempt to be independent, along with the Little Stars from the school's advanced group, and succeeds with the help of "magnets", to bond a beautiful friendship.

"We had the immense joy last night to receive almost 500 guests to the screening of the two films, in the largest Cinemaplex Cinematography Hall, in Plaza Romania, which proved to be incongruous. The Young Star premieres have already become a phenomenon. film festivals for children all over the world and believe me everyone is surprised how we manage to make such premieres, with hundreds of spectators, for short films, and I tell them that Romania is thirsty for Romanian films for children, fun , educational and positive ", concluded the film producer, Ema Pendiuc, whose productions participated in prestigious international festivals, such as the International Film Festival for Children Cinekid - from Holland and Lucas Festival, from Germany.

The Adventures of the Little Stars project - of which the two short films are part - already has 13 successful films, which were made in less than 3 years, and two of them participated in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, in the Short Film section. Corner and Romanian Short Waves, in 2011 and 2012.

The talents of the graduates of the Little Vedete School are also confirmed in renowned full-length productions, in which they played alongside famous actors. Little star Iulia Lupascu (10 years), played the main role, along with Maia Morgenstern, in the feature film "Carmen", which will be released on the big screens this year. Alexia Stanescu (9 years old) and Tudor Rosu (7 years old) are two other Little Stars who played in the movie "HoHoHo 2", along with Andreea Marin.

The Thursday evening event was supported by the Bucharest Central School, the City Hall of Sector 1 - the Metropolitan Cultural Center and the City Hall of Sector 6.

The Little Rock School ( is the first film and television school for children in Romania, which is addressed exclusively to children between 5 and 11 years old. The Little Vedete School is a unique educational project that contributes to the harmonious development of children because here they learn to play, overcome their emotions, cultivate their creativity and develop their vocabulary and diction. The children study three disciplines: Shooting technique, Interpretation and Dictation, having professional equipment, a talent management system and individual development plan. The program also includes visits to the Castel Film film studios and to the Romanian Television.

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