7 unusual things a 3 year old does

7 unusual things a 3 year old does

The age of 3 years is wonderful! Your little one has already started talking and running in the park, faster than you could have imagined. He does a lot of cool things, which amuses you and makes you proud, but he also has strange behaviors that you still struggle to understand. He sees things that you do not see, speaks alone in the dark and makes his appearance in unexpected places in the house. If you are weaker in heart, you may have a shock!

One of the favorite tricks of 3 year olds is sneaking into their parents' bed all night long. Some are so skilful that adults don't even realize when they came or when they left. Sometimes, you feel the weight of a body sliding over you, still numb from sleep, and you realize that your child has slept, and between you and your husband. And now he has most likely gone to the kitchen, waiting to serve him breakfast.

The ninja-style sneak is just one of the many unusual abilities that a 3-year-old can acquire. Here are 7 other weird things:

1. Talk to himself

If your kid has already gone through the phase when he was running out of time, before going to bed, beating his head, for two hours, reading seven stories, bringing him water and putting him in the pot, If at last you seem to understand that sleep time is holy, prepare for another surprise. You can hear sounds coming out of his room at night. Your child sings the teddy bear plus the song of the cradle you sang to him an hour ago, hoping he'll fall asleep.

On other nights, you can hear him telling how many in the moon and in the stars, alone, in the dark. Some phrases sound familiar to you, strikingly similar to the fragments in the last story read. The child does nothing but imitate his mother, trying to fall asleep his favorite teddy bear.

2. Ask yourself if you see something or someone who is not in the room

Many people think of young children as being connected to another dimension and having the ability to see and communicate with invisible life forms or with spectra in the spirit world. Imagine that you are talking to your baby, the beautiful girl in bed and he suddenly asks you, with a worried look on your face, which is "that thing behind you". You will be surprised when, returning quietly to the idea that you will surprise your husband or another family member, joking, you will find that there is no one with you in the room.

In the people, it is said that babies who do not have a closed fountain communicate with God. Another belief is that they see the aura of humans or the energy field that surrounds any living being. Scientists who have tried to explain the phenomenon claim that it is a higher power of observation, but also a closer visual spectrum to the UV / infrared. This would explain why children see things that adults miss, due to the diminution of this ability, as the body matures.

A fascinating, purely scientific explanation comes from the field of quantum physics. The world we live in would have 10, even 11 dimensions. Only 4 are perceptible to adults. But children seem to perceive much more, but this has not yet been proven.

3. It appears in places you do not expect

The children of 3 years are put only on the spouses. They are able to have fun on their own, hiding in every corner of the house and wading into scarecrows. You don't have to stay in a palace to lose your child in the house. Like the mats, they have the ability to open cabinets and pour into the most secretive cotton beds. If you do not keep an eye on them non-stop, you risk finding them eating sparkles or buttons in the drawer.

4. You scream the same thing over and over again, as if it is tight

Vocabulary learning also has unexpected consequences. Your child may decide one morning he wants nothing more than corn flakes. It doesn't matter that you didn't give her something to eat. The baby was smeared. And scream in your ear "corn flakes", "corn flakes" 10 times in a row, to make you understand that the job is serious and that he will not accept compromises.

5. He likes to lick your face

It is not known why, but some 3 year olds have a crazy pleasure to lick your face. Your nose is the best ice cream for them and you will not escape until you "taste" a few times.

6. Don't be fooled by your fake smile

You can put your head in the way and face, to convince him that you are cheerful. Your 3 year old will guess that your smile is a forced one. When you have a bad day and try to hide your sadness from him, your kid will inevitably ask you why you are not happy.

The little child is like a sponge that absorbs the emotions of others. Invariably, you feel when you're good and you're hard. You have no other choice but to explain, in its meaning, what is happening to you. It will give you a reply you will never forget: "I care about you, Mommy, because I love you!"

7. Can survive without too much food

Many moms struggle to convince their children to eat a little more. If they were after them, they would be satisfied with a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a few slices of meat for lunch and two teaspoons of cow cheese, with a quarter of a slice of bread for dinner.

Pediatricians reassure you. The caloric needs of a 3-year-old child are quite low, because they do not increase at the rate you used to. Therefore, it is not necessary to run it throughout the house, trying to convince him to eat yogurt with bananas or carrot puree.

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