Berliner salad

Berliner salad

Berlin salad is ideal for a snack or lunch, when you do not have much time to waste in the kitchen. It is prepared quickly and easily, and its taste is delicious.

Preparation time

15 min




500 g of lean pork, chicken or turkey

1 kg of onion

500 g pickled cucumbers

500 ml oil

2 eggs

1 small box of tomato paste



Method of preparation

Wash and clean the meat well, then cut it into cubes and bring to a boil with a little salt. Cut the Julian slices onion and season with salt. Squeeze pickled cucumbers and chop them.

Separately, in a bowl, make some mayonnaise from the two egg yolks and oil. Mix the meat composition with mayonnaise, add the box of tomato paste and add cold salad until the next day.

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