When is the time to give up fertility treatments?

When is the time to give up fertility treatments?

The decision to give up fertility treatments and the dream of becoming a natural parent is overwhelming, and for this reason, couples tend to postpone this decision as much as possible. But there comes a time when it is time to say "stop", to bow your head and resign yourself to infertility and the impossibility of becoming pregnant, however painful it may be. Here are some signs or reasons that show you that it's time to give up the idea of ​​conceiving a child naturally and to consider other options for becoming a mom!

You have exhausted all available financial resources

One of the reasons that should make you think that it's time to give up the idea of ​​becoming a natural parent is the poor financial situation. Fertility treatments are quite expensive. If until now you have invested exorbitant amounts on such therapies, you have entered into debt and you are at the bottom of the money bag, it is time to consider the idea of ​​giving up these steps, at least until you recover the family budget.

You have become obsessed with fertility treatments

Your life and partner's life revolve around fertility treatments. You tend to talk only about this topic, to document yourself about the latest and most successful ways to conceive children, and to visit a lot of fertilization clinics to get pregnant.

When you get to "breathe" and "feed" yourself only on the subject of fertility, it's time to self-analyze and realize that the whole situation is overwhelming and damaging to the emotional health of each one of you. An obsession with having a natural baby can cost you a lot emotionally. Stop enjoying life, the things that once pleased you and isolate yourself from friends and family, leading to an emotional decline that can be damaging to the relationship.

Your medical condition has deteriorated as a result of the treatments

Even your body reaches a point where it is reborn and warns you that you have reached a limit and that it is time to give up the idea of ​​conceiving a child. There is a risk that your medical condition will deteriorate significantly due to multiple medications and therapies being administered within a very short period.

Hormones and substances administered may overload your body's balance and cause difficult-to-bear symptoms and dangerous complications.

The couple's relationship has to suffer

When you and your partner decide to venture into the mirage of fertility treatments, there is a risk that your relationship with the couple and your sex life will suffer. The multiple failures you face in the dream of having a child could cause quarrels and tensions in the couple's breast.

Many couples facing fertility problems tend to blame each other for not being able to become parents. The harsh and aggressive words thrown in such discussions could seriously damage the relationship, with the danger of breaking up.

When fertility treatments involve the couple and in their sexual life it is time to reflect on the situation and eliminate the spine that is in your relationship. It is the case that you are looking for other solutions to become parents, which will not destroy your love and passion that you have endeavored so much to strengthen over time.

The doctor is reserved about the chances of success

The doctor who participated in all of your efforts to become a parent and helped you go through several assisted human reproduction techniques in order to conceive a baby is the one who can best evaluate your chances of having a baby. As you express your reservations about your chances of conceiving and will explain the risks or complications that you are exposed to if you continue with these treatments, it is time to consider the idea of ​​giving up these treatments.

Did you go through such a disturbing experience? When did you decide that it was time to give up the dream of having a baby born to you? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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