Itsy Bitsy FM gives the start of the school year

Itsy Bitsy FM gives the start of the school year

On Friday, September 15, the children from Bucharest meet with their favorite characters from the children's radio: Itsy, Bitsy, Zapa, Magician, Master and dwarf, Zina Norilor, Aranburu.
In the Kiddy Land, the largest children's playground in Bucharest, the little ones will have maximum fun with cake, confetti and ice cream. The little ones and their parents will get to know the new characters of the radio and find out what surprises Itsy and Bitsy have prepared for this autumn.
After a 3-month vacation in which the main characters of the radio had a light program, from Monday, September 18 starts the school year grid.

There are programs that were successful last season and have not changed their place on the grid: Morning with Itsy Bitsy, Zapa, Zimitot, Save Alba as Snow, but many new shows: "Zina Clouds, Don't be upset brother, Smoc, "Aranburu all incusive", "Big people", "Health port".

From September 18 on 99.3 FM:
Itsy and Bitsy, the main characters of the radio start the program at the hour
7.00, with children and helps them prepare faster and better
for a new day. With Itsy and Bitsy the children wake up, eat and get dressed faster and the road to school or kindergarten is much more pleasant, parents being exempted from the "why" every morning.
From 9 am Victor Catalin brings a "Big Man" to the studio every day
the show "Great people". Personalities we want to know more about
things from their childhood will be for an hour live with listeners.
Adriana Titieni, the mother of two children, shares her experience with other parents
every day from 10am to 12pm. Adriana has permanent guests
specialists who provide solutions to parents in various situations.
Aranburu is a royal jester who wandered around the world and stopped in
Bucharest. He knows best what, where, when and how it happens
the things. Tour the most important places and events every day from 16.00 to 18.00 in the show "Aranburu all incusive".

Mirela Retegan is ZAPA - because she ate crushed candy when she was 5
years. One of the most beloved shows comes in the same range from
last season, daily from 18.00 to 20.00 with Zapapovesti and already
the famous "Clopotel" game.
Fairy Clouds - knows all about feelings. Love, hatred, jealousy, envy, joy - these are the conditions that the little ones are living in but they often do not understand them. The Cloud Fairy comes every evening from 8 pm to 9 pm and find out what feelings the little ones were experiencing that day.
The weekend is full of interactivity. At Itsy Bitsy FM, weekdays and Sundays are very important. The little ones have more time to listen and get into the game proposed by the radio characters. The magician searches for story heroes every Saturday and Sunday from 16.00 to 18.00, Master and the Dwarf team in a general culture contest from 10 to 12.00, Smoc is a rebellious boy who revolves around him "why? ".
Listen to the most fun phases with Zapa on the phone: Zapa on the phone