The importance of carbohydrates for the health of your child

The importance of carbohydrates for the health of your child

For any mother nothing is more important than the growth and harmonious development of her child.

Glucose is an indispensable element for the proper functioning of the brain and muscles, so it is important for each mother to know how much to put in the baby on the menu.

Carbohydrates are of two different qualities, therefore they must be consumed in different ways. Priority is slow carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates), which have a low glycemic index. These can represent up to 50-55% of the daily caloric intake. The sugars are absorbed differently by the body, which is why, according to their release in the blood, they present the foods that contain them.

  • With fast release in blood - sugar, honey, refined sweets and highly processed sweet foods.
  • With slow release in the blood - whole grains, legumes and fruits.
  • Fibers - soluble and insoluble sugars, from whole foods and fruits, which reduce the rate of sugar absorption in the blood.

In the category of slow release sugars are legumes and whole foods such as: peas, beans, lentils, whole bread, whole or wild rice, whole grains, etc. Adding these foods to the menu along with fresh cheeses ensures the energy of your child for several hours, increasing their school performance and concentration ability.

Quick-release sugars should be eliminated entirely from your children's lives as well as yours. They tend to increase the energy level suddenly, but over a very short period of time, then decrease again and the little one will ask for a new form of sweet. It is best to replace sweets with fruit combinations, whole grains and fresh cheese.

We know that it is difficult for the mother to resist the insistent requests of the beggars for "something good", but you must know that sugar disrupts the body's glycemic balance. It causes weight gain, affects attention and lowers energy levels, inhibits the immune system and induces cavities.

An acceptable amount of sugar is 2 grams of sugar per 100 grams of product, while 10 grams at the same 100 grams of product is far too much.

Carefully check product labels when shopping and serving as little food as possible. We just want our little ones to grow up healthy and cheerful, right?

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