7 safety rules for the Christmas tree

7 safety rules for the Christmas tree

The decoration of the fir tree is a family activity, pleasant, relaxing and long awaited by young children, during Christmas. But after his "cooking" in holiday clothes, the fir tree can prove a danger to the safety of your darling darling to pull balloons and other ornaments from it. Here are some useful safety measures to take when you have a child who gives Christmas presents!

Choose a natural fir tree and keep it in the water!

The needles from the fir tree that fall a few days after the tree decoration, because it dries, are a real danger to the health of young children. They can swallow and drown with them. It is important to take all precautionary measures to keep it green and fresh for as long as possible. Such an idea is to keep it in a water holder, which will provide moisture daily. If you want to avoid this danger, opt for an artificial fir tree.

Avoid glass or sharp ornaments!

When you have a curious child in the house, you can not hang anything in the fir tree that breaks easily or has sharp edges, in which the child could hit. Opt for plastic or rubber decorations or other textile materials. Make sure that they are not small, so that they do not drown with them.

Opt for secure lighting installations!

The luminaires for fir can also be a danger to the safety of the baby. First of all, make sure that the socket and the plug are very far from the child's imprinted sleeves, to avoid the risk of electric shock. Then read on the label or box if they are safe for the little ones. They have to light up intermittently, not to stay lit all the time, because there is a risk that the little one will get their hands on them and burn them.

Avoid putting lit candles in the fir tree!

At one time, it was a fashion to put lit candles in the fir or decorations that attached such accessories. But when you have a child in the house, it is advisable to avoid any source of fire, as it could turn into an unpleasant accident or disaster. Limit yourself to light bulbs.

Fasten the fir tree in the bracket or fasten it!

It is recommended that you pay more attention to how you fix the fir tree in the support, when you have a small child around. He can be tempted at any time to pull at him and overthrow him, causing accidents. Secure it to a durable and stable support, and if necessary, attach it with string or drop to various sources of furniture around it, so as to resist the child's efforts to pull it after him.

Keep an eye on the baby!

The most effective safety measure you can take to prevent accidents around the tree is the careful supervision of the child. Keep an eye on him whenever he is near the fir or ask someone to watch over him.

Talk to him!

It is important to talk to him and explain to him why he is not allowed to shoot balloons or ornaments in the fir tree, not to put his hand on bulbs or in the socket, etc., in order to make him aware of the danger that grazes him doing this. .

What safety measures do you take for your child when and after you make the Christmas tree? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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