Isophy, a health plus by the purity of the thermal water Uriage!

Isophy, a health plus by the purity of the thermal water Uriage!

Emerging from a depth of 80 meters, in the French Alps, ApaTermala Uriage is filtered by nature through numerous layers of rock and packed directly from the source, in a clean environment. It has a specific chemical composition. It is used in the natural state, does not undergo treatments (disinfection) and is subject to microbiological norms. Without preservatives, it retains its unique properties and original purity.

ISOPHY SPRAY and ISOPHY PICATURI are 2 forms in which this thermal water can be used for hygiene, care and finally the health of the whole family, at any age and in any situation!

ISOPHY contains 100% Uriage Thermal Water, the richest thermal water (11 000mg / l) in mineral salts: sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium (600mg), potassium; trace elements: copper (75µg), zinc (160µg), manganese (154µg) and natural silicone, having a composition similar to physiological serum in terms of isotonicity (neutral pH). It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, bacteriologically pure, with anti-inflammatory and anti-radical properties.

ISOPHY provides perfect hygiene and care for the nose and eyes. ISOPHY purifies, softens and protects, strengthening the body's natural defense, especially during periods with allergies or increased incidence of ENT disorders.

ISOPHY removes mucus and clears the nose, moisturizes and cleanses the nasal mucosa without drying, and in the case of eye hygiene - cleanses, purifies and removes impurities.

ISOPHY PICATURI x 18 single doses for nose and eyes (from birth) - sterile drops, with anatomical tip. It can be used several times due to the lid closing the vial by inserting it in the opposite position to the initial one. They can also be used in the case of dermatitis of the eyelid and peri-oral, by application with a cotton floppy.

Recommended price: 29 RON

ISOPHY Nasal Spray x 100ml (from 1 year old) - completely sterile spray, without preservatives, provided with anti-reflux valve to keep the sterile product and with 2 administration heads for use by 2 people at the same time. The design of these heads is specially designed to respect the integrity of the nostrils. Can be used in any position.

Recommended price: 42 RON

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