Red Easter eggs

Red Easter eggs



paint to paint eggs

Method of preparation

The eggs are washed with hot water, then wiped with a clean towel. They are boiled in cold water, slightly salted. When it starts to boil, allow 4-7 minutes to boil.
In the meantime, the paint is being prepared. Boil water and when boiling add paint, which has previously dissolved with a little cold water.
In a strainer, place the boiled eggs and submerge for 1-2 minutes, then let them boil. They can then be painted for different reasons, according to the desire and talent of each one.
When they are ready I polish them with a piece of cloth soaked in oil or with a piece of bacon.
Eggs can also be decorated with parsley, dill or clover leaves.

On wet eggs stick small leaves, then place each egg so decorated in a clean gauze and tie each piece as a bag.
The operation can also be done with a nylon stocking. The part of the bark covered with the leaf will remain unpainted. At the end they are polished too.
For the wedding, a bee wax is prepared in a nest, which melts and is always kept warm as it is worked.
With a small metal tube, tied on a wooden wool, take the wax and draw on each egg flowers, overlapping circles, geometric figures. Then boil the eggs directly in the paint bath.

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