The child throws food. How do you get rid of this habit?

The child throws food. How do you get rid of this habit?

From the moment the child gives up the bottle and starts feeding it with a teaspoon, each table turns into a chaos that leaves traces everywhere: on the walls, clothes and even yourself! As he grows up and learns to use cutlery alone to feed himself, you find that the little boy enjoys playing with food and throwing it everywhere than eating it! Here's how to make it easier for your child to learn about these unpleasant habits!

Create realistic expectations and be calm!

The small child has a special pleasure in playing with everything he can get in his hands, and the food is no exception. Whether you want it or not, your child will go through the period when he wants to better discover the texture of the food by wrapping his hands in it or tossing mashed potatoes around, just to see what the effect is. It is important not to get angry, because it is a natural behavior in its development, even if it needs to be corrected as soon as possible!

Cut the river root!

Do not let isolated cases in which the child throws food and play with them on the plate to turn into habits. From the first signs that the child shows signs that he wants to use the mash as a toy, stop him and warn him that food is for food and not for play. Always remind him of this rule, and playing with food will become history! It is important to keep an eye on it and act on time!

Shorten the time for meals!

One of the main reasons a young child prefers to play with food over eating is because he is bored. Unfortunately, few parents realize when a child is the village and bored. At very young age, the child has a very low concentration capacity and cannot focus his attention on a single activity, that is, on food, more than 15, maximum 20 minutes. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent the child's meals from lasting longer, so as not to be tempted to throw food and spread it everywhere!

Prepare the space for the "food war"!

If you know you have a child who loves to play with food, then make sure the space in which they eat is "ready" to be bombed. Place it in the chair, in the kitchen, and make sure that the floor is tiled, so that you do not have to remove traces of stains on the carpet. Then, "equip" him against the traces left by the food, putting a bigger bugle, made of waterproof material.

Use proper cutlery!

If you want to lessen the mess your child is eating, use cutlery that will keep him from messing with his food. Higher and unobstructed vessels until refusal will be more difficult for the "curious" hands of the child.

Distract her!

Although the TV or a toy might be tempting in this regard, it is not a good idea, as it may totally capture his attention and leave him unattended. The simplest and most educative way to keep his hands busy is to give him and his hand a cutlery, at the same time as you feed him. He will be so concerned about imitating your movements and learning to feed himself that he will forget that eating is a fun source of play.

Do you know any other secrets to teaching your child the bad habit of throwing food? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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