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Piftie (cracked) pork

Piftie (cracked) pork

Pork is one of the most appreciated dishes during the Christmas period, specific to the Romanian cuisine. In some regions of the country, the pipe is known as the crack.


Preparation time

6 hours




2-3 pork legs

1 pork belly

2 pig ears

1 large onion

2 carrots

2 garlic captains

Method of preparation

Talk to the pig's legs, shoulders and ears, then clean them thoroughly and wash them in several waters. Put these ingredients in a pot with 5-6 liters of water and let everything boil with a little salt. Foam whenever needed, then cover the pan and continue to boil.

Add the onion and carrot and let the pot boil until the meat comes off the bones. Separately, chop the minced garlic, then add it over the juice in which the ingredients are boiled.

Slide the respective juice into another pot, until it clears, then divide it into several bowls. Put in these bowls and minced meat, along with the ears of pork cut strips.

Put the pipette in the fridge for at least 5 hours to cool.

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