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4 unforeseen situations of the parent's life and how to deal with them

4 unforeseen situations of the parent's life and how to deal with them

Being a parent is a challenge sprinkled with all sorts of unexpected, confusing or scary experiences. No one is born a parent and is not able to cope with all the unpredictable situations they face when raising a child, but most are taken by surprise by some of the little ones and do not know how to react to them. Discover some urgent and unforeseen events that you could face in the childhood of your baby and how to cope with them calmly and effectively!

Crises in the car seat when in traffic

The stress of driving by crowded traffic is quite high when you have a child with you. But if the little one becomes agitated and irritated in the seat in which he is secured and starts screaming from all the rarities, the tensions escalate quickly. You could find yourself in a deadlock in the face of the scandal caused by the little one and the heavy traffic.

If he is pretty, talk to him and ask him what is the cause of his behavior. They may need to be in the toilet, thirsty or simply bored. It is easier to resolve the situation when the child is talking and you can get along with him.

If you are still small and cannot speak, it is important to keep your calm, stop the car on the right and remove it from the seat, examining it carefully. See if he has done it, if he is thirsty, hungry, if he has a fever or gives signs that he is feeling bad. Try to solve the problem, and if none of the causes are mentioned, give him a toy that will distract him or put his favorite music to calm him down.

Plasticine, watercolors or pencils in the washing machine

The small child hides toys and objects in the most populated cottages. Even if, most of the times, you carefully check that there is nothing in the car before putting on your laundry, there are situations when you forget to do so. You can wake up with all the clothes stained by the watercolors or glued together with plasticine.

Quickly save the clothes that can be cleaned, by putting them back in the car, with special detergents to remove stains. If the child's clothes are also among the clothes, take the opportunity to give her a lesson. Take him aside and explain to him that, because he left objects in the washing machine, he destroyed some of the windows and will never be able to wear them again. It will help you to understand why it is not allowed to put such objects in the washing machine.

Phone or remote control in the toilet

When he is young, the child loves to see things fall and float above the water, and the toilet bowl is the right space to satisfy their curiosity. A second of inattention is enough for the baby to escape important objects, such as the phone or remote control, in the toilet.

Try to "save" them as quickly as possible by removing them from the water, disassembling them and carefully drying each piece, especially the batteries and SIM card. Use a compressed air box to remove as much moisture from the components as possible.

Specialists also recommend inserting the battery and components in a cereal bowl overnight. It seems that cereals absorb moisture from them and make them usable again.

Chewing gum in the hair

Chewing gum is the source of many ailments in children, but sticking it in the hair is the most common of them. Most parents solve the situation by scissors, but there are other solutions to remove the gum from the hair without cutting off some of their hair ornament.

Specialists recommend solidifying the gum and warmed hair around it with the help of ice cubes. When it is soft and elastic, the gum does not come off the hair, but when solidified with ice, it can be easier to remove.

Another practical idea for removing gum from baby's hair is to apply peanut butter to it and the surrounding hair. It seems that the oils and fats in this type of butter help dissolve the sticky gum and make it easier to slip on the hair until it is completely removed.

What unexpected situations have you faced in child care? Tell us your experiences, but also the solutions you have found and have paid off, in the comments section below!

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