The financial education truck parked on the University Square in Bucharest

The financial education truck parked on the University Square in Bucharest

BCR, in partnership with BCR Leasing and the Vodafone Romania Foundation, is launching today an itinerant interactive financial education program aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 14, entitled Money school on wheels. With its help, children between the ages of 7 and 14 from all over the country will benefit from free fun workshops where they will learn basic financial concepts. This long-term approach represents a component of the national financial education program of the Romanian Commercial Bank - The Money School, a program that addresses all age categories, with specially developed components for each category.

"Financial education is more efficient as it starts earlier. We want to teach them, from an early age, that money is hard to earn through work and can be easily spent if we are not sufficiently aware of how we should manage it.

The Wheeled Money School was designed to help the little ones enjoy a complete experience during which they will more easily understand financial concepts and concepts through play, without having to listen to definitions or formulas. The new truck allows us to get the financial education out of the classroom, to make it accessible to children from all over the country and to familiarize them with basic concepts, provoking them to play, "said Sergiu Manea, BCR executive president.

In groups of 15, for an hour and a half, the children will have the opportunity to explore the world of money and to go through five stages of information and awareness, all these stages having allies of confidence: games, interaction and good will. During the workshop, which will take place in a new truck, the little ones will investigate the categories of expenses and the personal budget, will discuss the value of money and objects and will understand that almost all economic processes are connected globally. Wheeled Money School draws on experiential learning and games to help little ones gain knowledge in a very short time. To register for this program, interested parties can access the registration page:

“Education is one of the four main pillars of the activity of the Vodafone Romania Foundation. Our involvement in the field of education is a commitment that we made 19 years ago, when we started our activity. From that moment on, we are actively involved, year after year, in programs and partnerships developed throughout the country, with the main objective of improving the access to education of children and young people, regardless of the environment they come from. The presence of Vodafone Romania Foundation in supporting this project is a natural step that we take and that complements the diversity of educational activities in which we have been involved so far. So we found very easy the common points that brought us together with BCR, in this partnership ”, said Angela Galeta, Director of the Vodafone Romania Foundation.

According to an ad-hoc study conducted by BCR, most of the parents in Bucharest declare that they do not give their children pocket money. As a rule, those who give them do this weekly, giving the little ones on average more than five lei a day. According to the statements of the children, most receive these amounts from the age of six. Most parents say they give money to their little ones after they turn seven, quite late, especially in the context where 95% of Romanians' financial education comes from their family. At the national level, we have a small degree of financial literacy, of 22%, and the planning of a budget is unknown for three Romanians out of four.

The new interactive financial education program dedicated to children between the ages of 7 and 14 years again illustrates the constant concern and consistent investment of BCR regarding the consolidation of the financial knowledge of Romanians.

In 2016, the bank launched the School of Money - Hours of Financial Education for Adults program, where over 700 BCR employees have so far become financial education teachers and have held financial education workshops with over 8,000 Romanians.

In 2015, BCR, the Association for the Promotion of Performance in Education (APPE), the Ministry of Education and Infomedia Romania launched the program "From Play to Financial Education" in the form of a pilot project through which 23,000 preschoolers from seven counties (Bucharest, Sibiu, Dolj , Constanta, Cluj, Timis, Iasi) received free course support (manuals and software), and 7000 educators were trained to hold financial education lessons in kindergartens.

In addition, BCR launched in 2009 the Scoala de Bani campaign with a project that combines the actual theory lessons contained in two working guides - "The conversation guide between the pocket and the money", respectively the "Guide for raising money" - with entertainment elements and tools useful in managing the family portfolio. At the same time, in 2013, BCR and Erste Group Bank, together with the National History Museum of Romania and the Ministry of National Education, carried out the financial education project "Fabulous world of money", consisting of an interactive exhibition and a competition with dedicated financial topics. to students of classes I - VIII. In the same year, the company hosted in Romania the exhibition "Fabulous world of money", created by ZOOM (Kids Museum in Vienna) and Frida & Fred Museum (in Gratz). This was visited by over 40,000 children from all the counties in the south of Romania.