Home at Santa Claus, in Baneasa Shopping City

Home at Santa Claus, in Baneasa Shopping City

Santa arrived in the Magic City from the North

Oh, Oh, Oh! The well-known greeting of Santa resounded on Thursday, December 13, in Baneasa Shopping City, the place where he meets with love every winter. And not just because his home is here, but also because of the welcoming atmosphere that the Northern Magic City creates, the warmth that people release and the fascinating stories you can listen to here.

Santa's arrival was a memorable experience for everyone present. The entrance of Santa on the stage was announced by the Consonance choir and a band of Mosi Christmas carols, who accompanied him throughout his walk. They were joined by elves and mules, who distributed candy to the children and guided them to the fir. Grandpa was waiting for them on his throne, ready to listen to their wishes and take pictures.

The children listened fascinated with all the advice and promised to be good. Excited by what they heard, the Mosul withdrew, accompanied by elves, fairies and a band.

It will be present every day in Baneasa Shopping City, until December 24, in the specially arranged area called "Home at Santa Claus".

It awaits you with stories, games and a lot of surprises during the week from 18:00 - 20:00 and on weekends between 13:00 - 20:00.