Playful sandwich for good kids

Playful sandwich for good kids


wholemeal bread

Cheese, soft

Delaco Something fine we create cubes

Red pepper

Some pick up

Cherry tomatoes

Method of preparation

We all know how difficult it is often to convince children to grow vegetables, so we must be inventive. What about this playful sandwich?

You need a slice of wholemeal bread, which is well-greased with a cube of Ceva Fin Cremos cheese.

Then chop the red chilli and press the cubes all over the slice of bread.

Cut a generous slice of Cheese Sofia to which you round the top corners, and place it on the slice of bread.

Then you start cutting your ears and chewing everything from cheese.

At the end, cut two slices of radish that you put as eyelashes and two slices of pepper as toothpicks.

Surely your Nazdravan will be popping everything from the plate!

Good appetite!

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