Start preparations for the Halloween party

Start preparations for the Halloween party

... with a visit to Lidl!

Ideas for successful Halloween parties are offered by Lidl. Come starting October 24 in Lidl stores and purchase all the necessary products to create a specific atmosphere for this holiday. She chases away the evil spirits on the night of October 31, choosing the most "frightening" masks, costumes, decorations, sweets and culinary preparations and spending an unforgettable Halloween with family and friends.

When you want to organize a successful Halloween party, you need a well-planned plan, a well thought out shopping list and some creative ideas.

First of all, make sure you decorate your home with specific objects and accessories. Fluorescent stickers (4.99 lei / 1 pcs) and windows (3.99 lei / set), posters (5.99 lei / pcs), skull-shaped decorations (29.99 lei / pcs) or spiders (6.99 lei / piece) and decorative banners (7.99 lei / piece) should not be missing. Also for decoration, use some pumpkins to dig into different shapes. The pumpkin set (4.99 lei) will ease your work and help you achieve the desired results.

Then, don't forget to choose the right outfit for you and the whole family. At Lidl you will have a choice of a wide range of costumes for children of different shapes and sizes, both for girls and boys. Also, the accessories you will wear at the party will complete the "scary" outfit. At Lidl you will be able to find belts, bracelets, hats and masks suitable for a successful disguise. In addition, you can surprise your guests with some finger monsters (2.99 lei / piece) or with LED badges (7.99 lei / set).

After you have decorated the place and chosen the right costumes, make sure that the meal you prepare respects the theme of the party. At Lidl you will find specific preparations - pizza, pies and cheese with pumpkin, potato figurines, chicken nugets in ingenious shapes, specialties with pumpkin seeds. In addition to the food served, she uses plastic cups (2.99 lei / set), cardboard plates (4.99 lei / set) and napkins (3.99 lei / set), all for Halloween.

Also, keep in mind the Halloween caroling tradition and buy lots of sweets to serve to your guests. Choose individually wrapped chocolate balls in packages with a vampire, cockroach, ghost or pumpkin, which can be transformed into a unique mask, Fantasy Mix candies and candies, gummy candy in the shape of an eye, Dracula's teeth and ice cream on a stick with aroma. pumpkin. Besides, put on the table a cake with maripan, biscuits and brioche - all "scary" tasty or cook a delicious baked cake for Halloween (14.99 lei / pcs).

For a successful Halloween party, choose Lidl and as many fun-loving friends.