The perfect phone for your family

The perfect phone for your family

Due to its practical functions in everyday life and simple features, the Gigaset C610 can be considered the ideal phone for your family.

Functions such as activating the silent profile between certain hours, the possibility of receiving calls at certain times of the day and the monitoring of the child make the Gigaset C610 a very useful phone for families with young children.

Monitoring function

With the Gigaset C610 you will have the possibility to monitor the child, even when he is not in the same room with you. You just have to set a phone number (internal or external line) that will be called automatically when the noise reaches the preset level. With the help of the walkie-talkie function, parents can talk directly to the child, who can hear their voice on the speakerphone installed in the room.

With the additional L410 speaker, extremely small and useful, perfectly compatible with the Gigaset 610 phone, which is easily configured with the plug & play setting, you will enjoy the latest hands-free experience.

Pleasant conversations

With the Gigaset C610 the conversations become a real pleasure, and the talk time of up to 12 hours gives you the possibility to continue the conversations whenever and whenever you want. The phone is very easy to use due to the large screen and the large font. Also, users can use the text messaging function with up to 612 characters of the Gigaset C610 for easier communication.

Customize the settings

The Gigaset C610 phone meets the needs of your family. This phone can be extended up to 5 additional handsets. You will also be able to schedule ringtones for 6 VIP groups.

Exceptional sound - even with hands-free

Enjoy outstanding sound during conversations due to HSP ™ technology. The sound quality does not change even when you talk using the hands-free device, so you can enjoy your conversations freely.

ECO DECT technology for energy saving and radiation-free telephony

Using the Eco Dect technology, the Gigaset C610 consumes less energy, protecting both the environment and your wallet. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it reduces the transmission power from the receiver to the base station, depending on the distance between them. You can also reduce the transmission power of the base station of the Gigaset C610 by 80%, just by simply selecting the ECO Mode, and by activating the Eco Plus Mode the transmission power is turned off completely when the phone is on hold.

Gigaset Communications GmbH is one of the world's largest manufacturers of cordless phones and the market leader in Europe for DECT phones. Based in Munich, the company develops, produces and distributes high quality products. Its portfolio includes landline phones, devices and Voice over IP telephone exchanges. Gigaset products are manufactured in Bocholt, Germany in accordance with the highest quality and environmental standards.

You can find out more about Gigaset at gigaset.com.

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