Master Ion Lucian will have a Star on the Celebrity Lane

Master Ion Lucian will have a Star on the Celebrity Lane

Master Ion Lucian will have a Star on the Celebrity Lane
On Friday, December 14, at 1:00 pm, the master Ion Lucian, the founder and soul of the Excelsior Theater, will receive a post-mortem star on the Celebrity Alley, in Timpului Square.
A recognition of the extraordinary merits of this great man of theater, the founder of two theaters - Ion Creanga Theater, in 1965, and Excelsior Theater, in 1990 - actor, director, writer, translator, generator of generations and generations educated in the spirit of authentic art.

Just 22 years ago, the master Ion Lucian set up the Excelsior Theater. Since then he has lived day and night for this citadel of the arts, as he liked to call it. And in the summer of last year, after a battle with life and death, he inaugurated the new headquarters of the Excelsior Theater, modern, elegant, welcoming, where children, parents and grandparents are the most precious spectators. But on the last day of spring this year, Master Ion Lucian's heart stopped beating. His soul has ascended to the heavens and watches us every day and every night of the Excelsior Theater.

From now on, a star will forever be given its name, forever being engraved on the Hall of Celebrities in the Time Square.

We hope that this tribute will be the one that will open the door of the new Excelsior Theater that will bear the name of its spiritual patron. This generous promise was made by the mayor general of the capital, prof. Univ. dr. Sorin Oprescu, at the master's end, on March 31st. Certainly, the words of the general mayor of the Capital will soon become a reality.

All those who will cross the Hall of Celebrities in the Timpului Square, stop for a moment near the star of Master Ion Lucian. You will feel like you have wings. The wings of childhood, that no one can take you and that the teacher Ion Lucian gave to each of you: the public.