9 dangerous toys for your child

9 dangerous toys for your child

The toys that are dangerous for the child are at every step in the markets, hypermarkets and even in the profile stores.

There are 2 types of toys that are dangerous to the health of the little one - on the one hand, those that do not meet safety standards and those that meet all marketing conditions, but whose shape or component presents an increased risk of accidents.

It is important to recognize them and keep them as far away from your child as possible.

Ball guns

Of all the toys for boys, the weapons are the most endangered. These are in particular pistols with balls or other types of toy bullets, which can prove to be dangerous toys for the health of the little ones.

Balls expelled with force from the gun can easily injure children and can get into the eyes or ears, causing serious complications.

Beauty sets for girls

The little girls love the beauty sets with hair brushes, clamps, shades, curl and mirror. It is important to make sure the mirror is toy and not real. Otherwise, there is a risk of it breaking, and the bits hurting the girl.

In addition, small shades and clamps are not recommended for children younger than 4-5 years, because of the risk of drowning.

Fluffy toys

Plus animals can be equipped with all kinds of fluff accessories, which can endanger the safety and health of the child.

In the game, the little one can swallow the puffiness attached to these toys, increasing the risk of digestive disorders or infections.

Rockets or toy launchers

You would think that rockets or toy launchers are less dangerous than firecrackers, but in reality, they pose equally great risks to his safety.

Failure to play with such toys can cost the child health, being prone to wounds and hearing or eye disorders.

Kitchen magnets

Even if toys are not considered, kitchen magnets often glued to refrigerators, are an attraction for the child. He wants to take them in his hand and turn them all over, and if you are not careful, he can put them in his mouth.

If accidentally swallowed, magnets can cause serious gastrointestinal complications. They can perforate the intestines and cause obstructions that require rapid medical intervention.

Toy food

Avoid buying baby toys in the form of food because it can confuse them with real foods and accidentally swallow them. There is a risk of drowning, which can be fatal to the child's life.

Buy this type of toy when it grows and you will be able to differentiate between real foods and toys that have their shape.

Hard material swords

Swords are other favorite toys of the boy, but they pay little attention to their health. They are often made of plastic or other hard materials. During the duel between the two children, they can easily injure themselves with the tips of their swords.

Toys with power supply

Most gadgets - computer, tablet, wii fi - are plugged in. There are other types of toys - such as cars, trains - that require charging batteries at the outlet. These can prove dangerous to the young child.

Check the sockets and wires of these devices frequently to make sure they are not damaged and that the little one does not risk being electrocuted in them.

Learn it and why to hold the plug when plugging it in and not get wet on the handles when using them, so as to avoid the danger of electric shock.

Electric car or tricycle for children

Electric cars or tricycles are attractive to young children because they are fascinated by how these means of transport move. Not the toys themselves are dangerous to children, but the way they are used by them.

Although, both types of devices require a special protective helmet while traveling, we see very few parents taking this safety measure when they let their children walk with them.

There is a risk of heavy falls and head injuries. In addition, if the little one is speeding on the bike and you are not careful, he could get in the street or in front of a car.

Do you know any other dangerous toys for children? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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