Architecture conferences for children, School Week Other

Architecture conferences for children, School Week Other

The series of architecture conferences for children begins "De-a story architecture", within the School Week Altfel.

The project is part of an extensive cultural program, of the Association of Architecture and of the Bucharest Territorial Branch of the Order of Architects of Romania, which aims to introduce the education for architecture and environment built in the compulsory program of general schools.

School Week Otherwise, April 1 - 5, the week of extracurricular activities initiated by the Ministry of National Education, begins in force with a series of architecture conferences on the meaning of children, called The story architecture. 675 children and 64 teachers and parents attend this first edition of the conferences, organized in the Aula of the Central University Library Carol I.

The entire project of the narrated architecture is supported by German origin brand YTONG, known for its international involvement in architectural projects.

Renowned architects have accepted the invitation of the Architecture Association to hold a series of lectures adapted to the age and level of understanding of children.

"We want to contribute to the way Romania will look over 20 years, when these children will grow up and will be in a position to make decisions, for themselves or for the community. I hope that this lecture, which for the most many of them is the first conference, it will awaken pleasant memories or maybe even emotions, "explains Arch. Eliza Yokina, founder of SYAA Architecture and Managing Partner.

The conferences are addressed to children in grades I-VII, each seminar being designed for another age category. The children will find out what the built environment means and how it influences our daily life, what is the architecture or how to build a house, but also when and how the speakers decided to become architects, why they were playing when they were children and what satisfaction this job brings them.

Architecture aims to develop and promote the education of architecture and the built environment, by introducing as an afterschool or optional course in private and state schools the architecture courses for children. The Architecture course in my city has its own method, which is based on project learning and includes some principles - Observe, Analyze, Build, Present.

"Many of the problems of architecture and urbanism, of living finally, are generated by the lack of information and the general culture regarding the built environment. The initiative of architecture starts from the foundation, as it is natural, and again we want to build with them and financially support initiatives that contribute to improving the quality in construction and architecture, "said Madalina Dumitru, Regional Marketing Manager Xella, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

YTONG is the first brand to financially support the project. The architecture association hopes that the ambitious project to change the Romanians' mentality regarding the importance of architecture and the quality of the dwelling needs support from the private environment in order to continue.

"Often the architects have been accused of the current state of the Romanian cities, but the change depends not only on us, but on entire communities that we try to pay attention to, to inform, to educate them. The house, the school, the neighborhood, the city and their community trains these future citizens, gives them a message about their place in the world and affects the physical and psychological qualities of their lives. The quality of the architecture and the environment built by tomorrow depends on them "concluded the arch. Mina Sava, founder of the architecture.

About De-a architecture
Architecture is an association that aims to develop and promote the education of architecture and the built environment, by teaching in state and private schools the courses of architecture for children. The association was created by Romanian architects: Mina Sava, Vera Marin, Eliza Yokina, Corina Croitoru, Claudia Pamfil and Miruna Grigorescu. together with the Bucharest Territorial Branch of the Order of Architects in Romania and in partnership with the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences at the University of Bucharest, the Architecture Association has developed a cultural program that includes an educational program called "De-architecture in my city". is a course of architecture and environment knowledge built for the fourth grade, which can be used for the optional subject. Currently, in its first year, the program runs as a pilot course in 7 state and private schools in Bucharest, with the support of the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest.

The first stages of development of the cultural program were financed from the Architectural Stamp Tax Fund granted by the Order of Architects of Romania following the competitions of cultural projects. Currently, the association has initiated a fundraising project, called "Growing together a city", to extend the project of the national educational program, for the 2013-2014 school year.

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