Gasca Zurli did the first training for the Book of Records at the first picnic in Zurland!

Gasca Zurli did the first training for the Book of Records at the first picnic in Zurland!

The first guests were even the Ambassadors Zurlandia - the partners who supported us and promoted us and who came with little by little to the most colorful picnic in the most colorful country - Zurland. Together we repeated for Saturday, when Gasca Zurli wants to enter the Book of Records with most parents and children playing at the same time, together.

The stars, sponsors, media partners - bloggers and journalists, teamed with their children and managed to keep up with the pace and the isle of Gastii Zurli.

Famous Dads: Cosmin Selesi, Serban Copot, Greeg, Bogdan Miu, Radu Buzaianu, Daniel Osmanovici, Cristian China Birta and Moms as famous as so involved in the lives of their children: demonstrated at the Zurich Picnic yesterday that Romanians deserve to be in book the records and boast with the most playful parents in the world.

Dear friends, the threshold has passed. Emma Zeicescu, Anca Sina Serea, Oana Roman, Catalina Porumbel, Cosmin Selesi, Serban Grig, Serban Copot, Taticool Dan Cruceru, Mihaela Calin, Bogdan Miu, Daniel Osmanovici, Cristian China Birta, Frici de Mamici, Gabriela Maalouf, Hai Hui Family, Cristina Otel, Cristina Balan, Radu Buzaianu, Radu Sirbu, Princess Polonic, Catalina Matei, Fifi Stie and many others.

“We train for Zurich with Gasca Zurli. On June 17-18, here will be a real madness. Maximum fun is announced for children, parents and grandparents. ”, Says Alina Serea from Mum Fears.

"What can I say? Zurland - June 17, 18 - on Stirbey Estate - not to be missed! At the picnic organized by Mirela I saw a preamble of what will be and will be wooowwww ... plus the officials from the Book of Records will be present to see most parents and children playing "Rempompi" !!!! Come on!!!! Yea ... and I will also have two workshops, one about sleep and the other about anger crises! ”, Says Gabriela Maalouf, one of the trainees at the Parental Play School.

“I came to the inspection in #Zurlandia. And I can report it this way: if you have not yet taken your ticket from Zurland (please, for you less, for the dwarf / I mean,), you know that you will miss something very fine. Now here is just a pre-nice picnic. But Saturday is going to be crazy! "Says Cristian China Birta

“Happy Tuesday the 13th! At the palace picnic! ”, Says Anca Sina Serea.

All the Gasca Zurli attended the picnic and trained with everyone present for the Book of Records. Because on June 17, at 6 pm, Guinness World Records representatives come to Zurich. Gasca Zurli set a new world record, with the highest number of parents and children singing and dancing at the same time, Rempompi.

Next to the participants at the meeting was the friendly Servetel from Caroli, Aqua Carpatica, Green Sugar and Banca Transilvania, Cavit, Tedi, LEGO, NHR Agro Partners.

This was just a preview of what will happen on June 17 and 18 at the largest family festival in Romania. In the weekend we color Stirbey Estate, in Zurland!

Photo credits: Ovidiu Craiciu & Dragos Boldea

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