How do we detect lice infestation and how do we get rid of them?

How do we detect lice infestation and how do we get rid of them?

The Paranix range contains 3 products that guarantee the elimination of head lice in the shortest time: spray, shampoo and comb especially lice. Thus, infested children avoid the isolation period, the experience is much less distressing, and the treatment is more efficient compared to the traditional methods. They can resume their daily activities in the shortest time.

Paranix products do not contain insecticides, which is why lice cannot develop resistance to the product, and can be used by all children over 2 years and adults. With a content of mineral and silicone oils, Paranix has a double action on parasites:

  • Choking: Silicone oil has choking effect on lice by blocking the trachea and airways.
  • Dehydration: Mineral oils dehydrate the head lice and their eggs by solubilizing the natural wax of the epicuticles.

In just 15 minutes in the case of the spray, respectively 10 minutes in the case of the shampoo, the lice and their eggs are permanently eliminated. The products are easy to apply and can be used again without any risk in case of reinfestation from other people. It is recommended to treat the whole family on the same day because lice are easily transmitted.

Who can contact lice?

Contrary to prejudice, lice do not discriminate between clean or dirty hair, preferring mostly clean hair. They spread very easily both through direct contact with infested hair, as well as through indirect contact with objects such as towels, sheets, combs, scarves, etc.

That is why lice are a common problem, everyone can contact this parasite. The children in the primary cycle are the most exposed because they are very much in direct contact at the playgrounds.

How do we detect lice infestation?

Sometimes lice infestation is not accompanied by itching on the skin of the head. Therefore, for the detection of lice, the safest method is to check with Paranix combs, because they attach very close to the root of the hair and have a translucent color, becoming reddish-brown after feeding on blood. Paranix comb is specially built to detect lice and their eggs and helps to remove them. It comes with a built-in magnifier, has long metal teeth and a brush to clean the comb after use.

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