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The Tennis Champions Tournament10 has named the best of the best

The Tennis Champions Tournament10 has named the best of the best

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, the little tennis players, along with their parents and coaches, settled on the basis of the Dinamo sports club, for what was to be paid to Santa for the effort made throughout the year on the tennis court.

First, the fears from Green appeared, which most of whom are more excited and eager to take part in the event of the year on Planet Tennis10. At noon, the impatient ones from Rosu joined, along with the sturdy ones from the orange, and the grounds looked from now on, like a mound of stubborn ants and with a precise purpose in what they have to accomplish.

And because the little ones are the most serious when they play, Cezar Mares, Matei Palcau and David-Ioan Voinescu remained serious until the end of the tournament and managed to win the Champions Tournament in Red, Orange and Green respectively. Regardless of the results, the little tennis players remained at the event, they played permanently, they connected their friends and they assured us that now, around Christmas, the story continues.

It's already established: Tennis10 has become their favorite toy. When Santa made his appearance in the ovations of the juniors, the fir tree was illuminated by the emotions of the children, and all those present attended a magical moment.

Alongside the champions was also found Raluca Olaru, one of the professional tennis players who honor Romania. In tune with the event and always with a smile on her lips, Raluca shared with us her thoughts and experience related to this wonderful sport. "I am glad that I was able to be with the little champions. In tennis it is very important that you enjoy playing this sport, and the coach knows how to please him. I would like to congratulate the MPG and all the sponsors involved, because the effort made by these are very important for future generations to participate in such sporting events. "

The youngest champion, the Brazilian from Cezar Mares managed to win all the matches played in the Champions Tournament. In the last act of the competition he managed to defeat Andreea Cristea, at the end of an extremely balanced match, finally decided at the decisive point. At only 6 years old, Caesar has impressed with his talent and tenacity, and the future of Romania in tennis seems assured by our little tennis champions 10.

Having idolized Roger Federer, Matei borrowed the calmness and maturity of the Swiss game, and in the end he confessed that he could not imagine his childhood without the experiences of Tennis10.

The second champion from Brasov, David Ioan Voinescu managed to win the final disputed in front of Galatean Cristian Saigau, with the score of 10-6, this after, in the group stage, the champion had been defeated by Cristian. Chess county champion, David managed to move the tactics on the tennis court, so that he overcame his opponents in a row and finally managed to secure the title of absolute champion in the color Green. Asked who has the main merit for the son's achievements, Mr. Voinescu told us: "In the first place it is God who keeps us healthy, a fact without which we cannot go further. Then it is his merit, and we support him and we are happy. by him."

About Tennis10

In a context in which the first experience of children with tennis was until recently, most of the time, overwhelming, the MPG launched in Romania the project of Tennis10, which encourages the little ones to discover tennis as an easy, fun sport. and healthy. Tennis10 takes into account some simple principles, by which children between the ages of 4 and 10 years are oriented to tennis, and with the help of specific training and competitions remain attached to this sport and take the first steps to become champions.

Tennis10 is based on two essential components: on the one hand, the specific training methods, accompanied by the equipment appropriate to the age and abilities of each child, on the other hand, the competition system, designed to complete the first elements. In other words, children play tennis on smaller grounds, with shorter missiles and lighter balls, in competitions whose scoring system generates short-term games. As a result, the first experiences on the tennis field of the little ones are lacking the exaggerated effort that most have so far removed from this sport.

According to the rules of the International Tennis Federation, Tennis10 includes three play stages (Red, Orange and Green), designed to help children progress. As they move, the size of the field, the length of the rockets and the speed of the balls increase, until the player advances to standard tennis. Regarding the specific game equipment, the brands producing sports equipment have been associated with the Tennis10 project, providing special game kits: fillets, rockets and balls.

In 2013, the project will be in its fourth season. All the details about the Tennis10 project are available online, at