Natural methods of hygiene and bodily care in children. When and how to use them?

Natural methods of hygiene and bodily care in children. When and how to use them?

The sensitive skin of children is often vulnerable to the aggressive actions of the chemical compounds existing in the hygiene and body care products in children. The initiative of promoting on the domestic market of organic products comes in the context in which the allergic reaction to conventional cosmetic products, especially among children and adolescents, is an increasingly visible problem.

The statistics show that the vast majority of the conditions related to allergic dermatitis, irritation and urticaria in children, appear, in particular, against the use for a long period of certain substances with potential allergen. Body lotions, baby shampoos containing parabens, creams and shower gels often produce exacerbated histamine reactions against a genetic predisposition to develop acute and chronic allergenic diseases.

Organic alternatives for a body and healthy hair in children

Offering the full benefits of a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle for your child, the reasons for choosing cosmetics with organic ingredients are multiple. Besides being rich in vitamins and minerals, essential for skin health, baby cosmetics are lacking most of the toxic substances that could irreversibly affect their health. Apart from the fact that they cause irritation, hives and itching of the baby's skin, these can lead, in the long term, to the appearance of chronic conditions, with unpleasant and disturbing manifestations especially when the little one is in full development.

Young children require delicate care and increased attention, for them specially created hypoallergenic products, creams that treat irritations, and for the health of the hair and scalp, the specialists have launched various types of shampoo and shower gel without parabens.

The most commonly used organic products for children are, of course, body lotions with yellows, certified organic, consisting of ingredients of plant origin, carefully selected. 100% natural product, yellow extract is the best remedy to soften and moisturize dry skin in depth. Being extremely fat, body lotion with yellows is suitable for regular application, in thin layers, taking care to stretch very well, to quickly enter the skin and to facilitate the process of perspiration.

Also, the yellows have a healing effect, antiseptic and antibacterial, which is why they find a significant use in the case of irritations and burns.

The baby body lotion range has a high content of almond oil and water extract, giving the baby's skin a fine, supple texture and a pleasant sensation of coolness.

Diaper irritation cream - to say "stop" burns and irritations

Baby diapers can contain materials that can cause skin irritation and burns, which creates a small discomfort. To combat the unpleasant effects can be achieved with a special type of diaper irritation cream, based on pomegranate, chain, shea butter and essential oils, coconut, sweet almond or chamomile. Rich in vitamin E, diaper irritation cream is applied directly to the baby's skin, in the contact area with the respective diaper.

Besides intense hydration, the cream is responsible for the proper regulation of the functions of the epidermis, preventing burns and erythema.

Baby shampoo and organic shower gel, without parabens, for the health of the scalp and hair of babies and children

Combating dry skin, irritations and intense hydration of the skin of the head is among the top tips that pediatricians give parents. Baby shampoo types and organic shower gels contain 100% vegetable ingredients, such as organic chamomile, ideal for dry skin, yellows, known for their beneficial soothing effect of burns, but also lavender oils and sunflower seeds, pomegranate and other natural organic extracts.

The organic shampoo for children, through its natural ingredients, cleanses and moisturizes effectively and gently, facilitates combing the hair and prevents childhood seborrheic dermatitis. At the same time, the organic shower gel with levantica extract is a gentle hypoallergenic product with the skin of the baby or child and is applied gently to every wash.

Without mineral oils, dyes, additives and synthetic perfumes, organic products with bio certifications for babies, children and adolescents contain only natural ingredients with healing and beauty properties. Organic cosmetics and shampoos for children represent the beginning of a healthy start of life!

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