Solidarity to save a baby

Solidarity to save a baby

A child who was born without pulmonary artery was transported today from Iasi to Timisoara, for operation, with a military plane provided by the Ministry of Defense. David Stefan, the child of a family from Botosani, was born on Friday at "Cuza Voda" Maternity with a very serious cardiac malformation: lack of pulmonary artery. According to doctors, the only place where the baby can be operated is in Timisoara, because there is an apparatus that can take over the functions of the heart during the medical intervention.

The team of doctors from Timisoara was still ready to operate the boy on Monday morning, but no fast means of transport was found. Initially, the doctors considered transporting the newborn with the Iasi-Timisoara flight, but the plane could not carry the incubator and all the equipment necessary to keep David Stefan alive.

In the absence of other solutions, the "Cuza Voda" maternity ward and the Iasi Prefecture requested an aircraft from the Ministry of Defense, an application approved this morning.

On board the military aircraft that departed for Timisoara was also a medical team SMURD, which provided medical assistance during transport.

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March 21, 2007