How to organize the child's wardrobe

How to organize the child's wardrobe

In your child's closet is often a total mourning, and the clothes of the child get mixed up and crammed through the most hidden pillows of his shelves? The secret of the order in the siphon is not to make orders in it once every two days, but to organize the wardrobe with clothes so that the order is maintained in the long term.

The child's noses from the dawn of the morning regarding the holding of grades or school or the haste of dressing him quickly so as not to be late for work give you over all the order you made a little while ago in his closet. In a few days, you see yourself having to take it over with the clothes in the closet, and the rope never seems to end, does it?

The time allocated to the cleaning in the siphon can be spent in the company of the child and your family if you follow and implement the following steps of efficient organization of the wardrobe!

Here are some tips for organizing the wardrobe, which helps to save space and to keep order easier!

Drawers or shelves for the days of the week

The easiest way to avoid clutter and chaos in the closet is to prepare the child a street outfit for each day of the week and place them individually, each one in a drawer shelf.

Choose 7 smaller or smaller shelves and tag them with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then put the clothes on each shelf. This way, you will get rid of the chaos of looking in the morning through all the shelves to find a sock, a pants, a shirt and you will keep cleaning easier.

Improvised cabinets in the drawer

If the wardrobe is not equipped with too many shelves and is not very well compartmentalized, you can improvise yourself some simple cabinets inside. Make them from cardboard or wood and attach them to the drawer, in an area that allows them to be caught.

In these makeshift cabinets, you can store a lot of shingles. If they are very small, you can put on the baby's panties or stockings or, if you have a little girl, you can store her hair accessories.

Boxes for storage in closet

Some siphons have a single wider shelf and no compartment. Arranging clothes on goats is the only method by which many parents delimit this space. But this is not a very practical idea. When the clothes are not separated by separators, they mix with each other and they get to "slip" on each other whenever you pull on a blouse or pants from the respective slopes.

Specialists argue that placing boxes in that space and delimiting clothes with their help is a better way to keep clean. In this way, each box placed on the shelf will be filled with clothes for a certain category, without the risk of mixing between them.

Improvised basket for filing dirty clothes

Isn't it that clean clothes tend to mix with the dirty ones in your child's wardrobe? You can improvise a special laundry basket directly in the child's wardrobe. You can make it from a larger paper bag, which you place in the space below the metal bar that hangs the hangers.

Encourage the child to personalize it through colors and accessories, to give it a more friendly and cheerful appearance. In this way, the child will no longer have to travel to the bathroom to put his clothes in the basket. He will change them and throw them directly into the specially designed bag in the drawer.

Hangers organized by category

The metal bar for the hangers should be separated into categories of clothes so that you do not mix things together and then spend a lot of time looking for them. Separate the metal bar into 3 or 4 portions, depending on how many categories of clothes you want to hang on it.

Create some nice cardboard separators, colored and accessorized, which you note the name of the category of hangers - Shirts, Jeans, Skirts, Dresses - and glue them in place.

What secrets do you have for the more efficient organization of the wardrobe with clothes in your child's room? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!