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7 efficient anti-cellulite methods

7 efficient anti-cellulite methods

Cellulite is the result of a disorganized lifestyle, of an unhealthy diet and especially of increasing the level of stress in the body. It is aesthetic and represents the nightmare of any woman's beauty. It gets easily and gets rid of it very hard. But there are effective anti-cellulite methods with spectacular effects in the body remodeling.

Even if we are weak, or if we only have a few extra pounds, we notice that on the bottom, hips and legs appear cellulite! Over 90% of women are affected by cellulite, whether they are young or not, but we must sound an alarm! Why? Cellulite is advancing, from month to month, from year to year and we will end up avoiding going to sea, wearing dresses, light colored pants, etc.

Here's an attack plan to help you get rid of cellulite on your buttocks, feet and more.

1. Sport

A regular sports activity is a safe weapon for strengthening and supple buttocks. Choose a sport that moves the lower body:

  • The bicycle - strengthens the buttocks muscles and contributes to the fight against cellulite. One or two sessions a week is a good workout.
  • rolls - nothing more suitable to combine the useful with the pleasant. Move your entire lower body forward, strengthening your buttocks muscles.
  • Aqua gym - a perfect activity for eliminating fat deposited on the bottom and hips. The movements made in the water strengthen the working muscles, while being massaged by the water.

2. Anti-cellulite diet

The cellulite diet is a perfect solution for the problem of orange peel. Any food and drink will influence the level of cellulite. If you consume the right foods, the result will be a good one. If you want to eliminate this problem, you should avoid foods high in fat. Salt, sugar and fatty foods are clear prohibitions of this diet.
Fiber, which we find in fresh fruits and vegetables, must be consumed daily. They help to eliminate toxins. You must also give up alcohol and tobacco because they produce additional toxins in the body, but also in the skin.

3. Packaging

There are salon treatments, but they have a special status. They offer spectacular effects, almost immediate and more benefits to the skin. They are extremely useful and they weaken quickly, nourish and tone the skin, moisturize it and maintain its elasticity and shine. They can be made hot or cold.

The body packs have a perspiring effect, but also a detoxifying and rubbing effect and they contribute to the reduction of the orange peel of the skin.

Many of these are made in the salon, with professional products and they are an integral part of a large body remodeling process. Among the most efficient are:

  • clay packing;

  • packaging with mud or mud;

  • packings with seaweed, seawater, caffeine and white tea (Spa treatment);

  • packing with chocolate, coffee;

  • packing with paprika etc.

4. Cellulite massage

It is necessary to carry out 10-12 professional cellulite massage sessions. It will be used a thermal cream that causes an intensive hyperthermia, activating the blood circulation and also the process of lipolysis.
Anti-cellulite massage it is a massage that stimulates the local blood and lymphatic circulation, activating the skin's metabolism and the fat deposits are resorbed and removed.
But any treatment performed at a specialized salon must continue at home through daily care. "We recommend Scottish showers (alternative, hot / cold) for problem areas. Then we suggest you massage the buttock area as much as possible with an anti-cellulite cream. Alternating hot and cold water stimulates cardiovascular circulation and fat burning, thus the cream is better assimilated to the skin.

5. Rubbing / exfoliating

Gum or exfoliation with products specially created against cellulite is one of the most useful ways to improve the appearance of skin, gradually getting rid of the unsightly appearance of cellulite.

You do not have to go to the salon to benefit from this treatment. You can make your own salon at home. You can buy the products and you can dine right in the tub.

The products use a mixture of minerals and herbs that stimulate fat burning, absorb toxins from the body and reduce the small, non-aesthetic appearance of the skin.

6. Special salon treatments

There is a lot of salon body treatments specially created with anti-cellulite effect. Some of them have other qualities and benefits, depending on the associated problems that each woman presents. Also, the doctors or specialists in the salons will make a thorough health assessment to detect any medical problems that could make some of these treatments inaccessible.

These include:

  • cavitation (by low frequency ultrasound);

  • electrostimulation (it is based on currents applied to the muscle fibers of the treatment area; it has the benefit of having immediate effects);

  • lymphatic drainage (accelerating the venous and lymphatic circulation by stimulating the lymph nodes).

7. Anti-cellulite tea

And phytotherapy can make a contribution in your effort to get rid of cellulite. The teas that help reduce the unpleasant appearance of the orange peel are extremely effective. But they can't do wonders! It is best to associate them with a healthy diet and physical movement. In this combination you can quickly and efficiently make cellulite.

Tea contributes to the reduction of cellulite through the diuretic and detoxifying effect they have. Among the most effective in this regard are:

  • green tea;
  • cherry tails;
  • currant tea;
  • java tea;
  • Dandelion tea;
  • parsley etc.

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