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Decorate Christmas in the Royal Gallery!

Decorate Christmas in the Royal Gallery!

The buzz of the slings began to be heard in the background, a sign that the most anticipated month of the year is approaching. With her comes Christmas, which is a special moment for everyone. Because children feel even stronger than adults on holiday magic, little ones are expected during the period December 8-23, 2012, every Saturday and Sunday, in the Royal Gallery in their city*, to give a helping hand to Santa and the elves, so trapped with the preparations for the big holiday.

"Christmas is not a period, but a state of mind that I wish I could keep in a box and can be opened at any time. The lid would be lifted and the noise of the cobblers, the smell of fir-tree, would come out, the explosion of colors of the ornaments and especially the children's voices. We want this year's Christmas to be a beautiful memory in a moment's box and we thought to involve the little ones in the celebration organized in the Real Gallery. addressed personally to the kindergarten participants from 13 cities around the country. The children are expected to sing and dance on the stage specially prepared for them. Christmas tree. In conclusion, we are waiting for you in the Royal Gallery for a Christmas with a soul! " - said Ioana Laura Pasca, Marketing Director Real Gallery.

It is known that there are a lot of things to be developed and between us, I am in great delay! Any pair of extra sleeves matters! There will be something to do for everyone, especially since the fir tree awaits the gorge to be adorned as beautifully as possible. The children will have fun cutting and drawing, and for their talent and skill they will receive gifts. More details about the event can be found on the website

We are waiting for you in the Real Gallery! Santa is relying on your help!

* The events take place in locations in Bucharest (Berceni and in Theodor Pallady boulevard), but also in locations in major cities of the country: Arad, Baia Mare, Constanta (1 and 2), Cluj, Deva, Galati, Oradea (1 and 2), Pitesti, Ploiesti, Satu Mare, Suceava and Timisoara (1 and 2).