NexT Kids, a special program for children at the NexT Film Festival 2013

NexT Kids, a special program for children at the NexT Film Festival 2013

NexT Kids, a special program for children at the NexT Film Festival 2013

For the 4th consecutive year, the NexT International Film Festival is hosting a special short film program for children between 4 and 12 years old. Composed, as in the previous 3 editions, of two stages: the projection of films and games derived from their themes or characters, NexT Kids will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 11:00 am, at Cinema Studio.

This year the selection of films includes 8 short films from France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Germany and Iran. The small spectators, but also the parents and grandparents who accompany them, will enjoy the most diverse styles and techniques of drawing, animation, montage, as well as archive images, one of the films being the result of a "Creative Recycling" contest launched by ARTE.

The films from this year's program - The Symphony of the Monsters, The Life of a Red Pencil, the Urias, The Train Passes, the Ginjas, the Doll, the Shadow Game and the Rising Hope - the champion - tell us with sharp intelligence, emotion, tenderness and humor about play and friends, about splits, drawing, competitions, fashion and about the most musical and thoughtful monsters on the planet!

This year the games that accompany the movie screenings were prepared together with wonderful friends of NexT Kids.

Filmminimo, creator and producer of films with and for children, created a small animation workshop with little men and their umbrellas.
On Saturday, they will be joined by NexT Kids and friends from Momo's World, a world of creativity, imagination and joy, open all year.
Who has been to NexT Kids knows that here will meet a quadruped guest, hoarded, only good to eat, the Piwi pony! And his masters from Povesti with horses will tell the children who came to the Festival about riding and hypotherapy, about other ponies and their traits.
And I left the dessert, of course. Special Nadyne will be present at the event with cakes as in movies!
And best friends, viewers are invited to create an ad-hoc exhibition with holiday or travel photos, black and white, of their grandparents or grandparents. All those who want to contribute to the exhibition are waiting with the pictures at the Studio Cinema on April 13th.

This year's movies


Ginjas - a 2011 Portugal production, directed by Zepe (José Pedro Cavalheiro) and Humberto Santana - an episode from a series of animations consisting of 26 2-minute episodes in which the formal resources of drawing and cinematography are explored. The main character, Ginjas, a group of very unsavory Little Birds and a Moroccan Great Bird are said to be involved in various incidents and from here a play with shapes and colors, contours and backgrounds arises. we will see Ginjas the one with the blue nose sacked by a curved line that constantly changes its shape and morphs into a succession of animals.

In the Symphony of Monsters

In the Symphony of Monsters, a German production 2012, directed by Kiana Naghshineh, you will meet the band: four monsters led by a mythical little girl.

Shadow games

Shadow Games is a film from Turkey, directed by Sinan Sertel. Every child wants to play. Some of them can play anyway. Others need the visit of the man who makes the sun shine. and everything ends with a happy and playful ending.


In Doll, a production from the Russian Federation, 2012, directed by Evgenia Schlegel, we see the adventure of a little girl arrived in the city. Temptations meet at every step. Alone, at night, in front of the window of a clothing store. It does not take long and here she is trying on a beautiful dress, but ...


Huge is a Spain-Portugal co-production, 2012, directed by Luis da Matta Almeida and Julio Vanzler. A giant carries a little girl in his heart. His heart is like a big window from where the little girl discovers and understands the world we live in. But one day he'll have to leave.
With a bag of dreams and hopes she will begin to create a new world starting from what she inherited from her father.

Pass the train

Passing the train - a production in France, 2012, directed by Mickaël Muraz - is a film made by ARTE for the project "Creative Recycling", a film rhythmic to the music of the Kletzmer Goy Band.

The story of the red pencil

The story of the red pencil, an Iranian film from 2012 directed by Ali- Reza Chitaei is a visual poem, neither too abstract nor too complicated for children.

Rising Hope

Rising Hope, a 2012 German production, directed by Milen Vitanov, tells the story of a racing driver, the fastest in the world, suddenly transformed into a winner. But with the help of a new friend - a hunting lion - he finds his hope.
The NexT International Film Festival is an event organized by the NexT Cultural Society.
Tickets and subscriptions are available through EventBook.

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