Come to Stirbey Palace on June 17 to join Gasca Zurli in the Book of Records

Come to Stirbey Palace on June 17 to join Gasca Zurli in the Book of Records

Gasca Zurli calls you to enter the Book of Records. We want to find out the whole world how beautiful parents and children are in Romania!

On June 17, at 6 pm, come to the Zurlandia Family Festival to sing and dance with us "Rempompi", on the largest playground in Romania.

We have a desire, and you are part of it! On June 17, at Stirbey Field, Romania beats Switzerland to play in the family.

“In the 10 years since I started this beautiful Zurli dream I have met hundreds of thousands of children and parents. Wonderful families who stayed in my heart and who by their love carried the Zurli story so high. So I wanted to return all this love after 10 years, to give our fans something that remains written in the history of the beautiful memories of this country. I decided to make the biggest family festival in Romania and I called the Guinness Book representatives to see with their eyes what wonderful parents and what extraordinary children Romania has. We deserve to enter the Book of Records with thousands of children and parents who play together and make the same moves in a certain amount of time, ”says Mirela Retegan, Zurli founder.

Come with us Zurli story from history, let's break a world record!

Visit www.zurlandia.ro and buy tickets at the festival in advance. I prepared a lot of other surprises.

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