Why is your eye struggling? 7 common medical causes

Why is your eye struggling? 7 common medical causes

When your eye struggles, you tend to associate this symptom with various superstitions or bad news that you are about to receive, and the most appropriate treatment you find is to say a quick prayer and bow down three times. Rash of the eyelids is not a sign of divinity, but it has several medical causes, scientifically explained, that it is good to investigate the doctor to get rid of this tick and to avoid complications.

The fight against the eye is a nervous tick, spasm or involuntary contraction of the muscles, which in most cases appears and disappears spontaneously. However, increasing the frequency of these spasms and their persistence over long periods of time can hide medical conditions and cause an alarm signal on your body!


Each body reacts differently when stressed. Fighting the eye can be one of the symptoms that tells you that your body is too stressed, especially if the spasm is associated with itching and sore eyes or blurred vision.

It is advisable to resort to any means of relaxation that you know to bear fruit, to relieve stress in your life and improve your health.


Like stress, fatigue can put pressure on your body in several ways. When you exert prolonged physical or mental exertion or do not get enough sleep, exhaustion occurs, which gives rise to several unpleasant reactions in the body.

One is involuntary contraction of the eyelids. This symptom occurs especially when you force the ocular muscles while using the computer or concentrating in front of the TV.

Alternating periods of visual concentration with those of eye relaxation is effective in combating these uncomfortable tics. And wearing glasses in such situations can be just as effective for preventing muscular tension at the eye level.

Dry eyes

Drying the eyes is a medical condition most often manifested by the elderly or people who spend many hours a day in front of the computer. Also prone to this medical symptom are people who are taking antidepressant or antihistamic drugs or wearing contact lenses.

The application of artificial tears is the simplest solution for combating ocular muscular contractions caused by medicines or the prolonged use of contact lenses.

The consumption of energy drinks

Alcohol, coffee and energy drinks can be a cause for spontaneous onset of eye damage if you tend to overuse them. These substances act as exciters for the central nervous system, leading to involuntary contractions of the eyelids. Reducing their consumption helps to eliminate the spasm.

Nutritional deficient

Deficiency of calcium, magnesium or potassium in the body can trigger muscle spasms in the eye and beyond. Therefore, doctors recommend regular blood tests to monitor the level of each essential nutrient in the body.


Most types of allergies also manifest themselves through the redness of the eyes, itching and teary eyes. The continuous rubbing of the eyes, for the relief of the symptoms, stimulates the secretion of histamine in the tissues of the eyelids, which is responsible for triggering the excessive tear.

Increased histamine secretion is considered by physicians and a probable cause of involuntary contractions of the eyelids. Administering antihistamines and avoiding contact with allergenic factors helps reduce the risk of spasms.

Cold and current

According to doctors, prolonged exposure to cold or current can help trigger muscle spasms in the eye. All you have to do in this case is to stay away from these triggering factors.

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