Minimax Detective Club

Minimax Detective Club

In December, Minimax launches a new interactive campaign for all children who love cartoons. The little ones are invited to take part in the first adventure of detectives and to look for the Minimax promoters located in the main malls in the country. They will be rewarded on the spot with thousands of surprise prizes, every weekend in December.

Other prizes, consisting of 60 detective kits and 300 toys can be won by drawing lots, accessing the website www.minimaxro.tv and answering correctly the question of the contest, online or at CP4, OP57 Bucharest.

The campaign runs nationally every Saturday and Sunday, in the eight most important malls in the country: Bucharest - Vitan Mall, Constanta - Maritimo Shopping Center, Iasi - Palas Iasi, Cluj - Iulius Mall, Timisoara - Iulius Mall, Brasov - Eliana Mall, Craiova - Electroputere Park, Oradea - Lotus Mall.

The Minimax Detective Club was designed to develop the spirit of adventure and observation of children.

Minimax is the first channel with educational theme for children in Romania and has as main objective the diffusion of non-violent programs that transmit values ​​and entertain the little ones.

The mission of the Minimax station is to promote value entertainment, bringing in its grid of quality production programs. the events and messages related set in motion the fantasy of the little ones, supporting the development of creativity, by choosing those shows and beloved characters, which have a beneficial effect on their education.

The station presents non-violent shows, and parents appreciate the friendly atmosphere of its programs. At the same time, older children can enjoy adventurous and humorous events related to school, family, friends or everyday situations.

More information about the Minimax Detective Club, as well as the job programs are available on the website www.minimaxtv.ro.

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