Protein and calcium in the child's school package

Protein and calcium in the child's school package

The child's school package is an important snack of the day, from which the school must receive nutrients essential for its growth, but also the energy it needs to cope with the intellectual and physical demands. Proteins and calcium are two of the nutrients that should not be missing from the daily diet of chickpeas. Here's how you can sneak protein and calcium foods into some delicious snacks for your child's pack!

Sandwich with cheese and green salad

Cheese sandwiches are the simplest ideas for your child's school package. Besides the fact that you have to choose between many assortments of delicious cheeses: telemea (cow, goat, sheep), cow cheese, cheese cream, etc., you can combine them with lots of fresh vegetables.
You can use Delaco products from Delaco, cottage cheese or even Small Milk Core (75g), depending on the type of cheese you like best for your kid.
For example, sandwiches with cheese and green salad, cucumbers and tomatoes, are rich sources of calcium and protein in the child's diet. If you substitute green salad leaves with spinach, you will provide more protein to the child.

Peanut butter sandwich

In addition to the sweet and delicious taste, peanut butter is a rich source of nutrients for your child's health. Contains a significant amount of protein. It is worth introducing in the child's school package as sandwiches, on slices of whole grain bread.

Sandwich with cream cheese and honey

Honey is a high protein food, and if you prepare your child's sandwiches with whole grain bread and cheese cream, then you will provide the little boy with a delicious sweet and rich snack, both in protein and in calcium. You can use Delaco's Something Fine products.

Sandwich with boiled eggs and cheese

Eggs have a high protein content and are the foods that have the highest quality proteins. Among other essential nutrients, eggs contain calcium and much needed for the growth of the baby.
It integrates boiled eggs in the child's school snacks into delicious sandwiches with cheese, olives and other fresh vegetables. Olives contain protein, cheese is high in calcium, and if you add a few green salad leaves and a red one, you have created a sandwich full of vitamins and minerals essential for your little one.

Chicken breast sandwich with vegetables

Chicken breast is a high protein food, and combined in a sandwich with green salad or calcium rich spinach leaves, provides the child with the essential nutrients for a demanding day of school.

Smoked salmon sandwich and green salad

If you are lucky and fish is one of the favorite foods of the child, then the sandwich with a few slices of smoked salmon and green salad could be part of the child's weekly menu at school. Besides the omega 3 fatty acids that salmon contains, it is high in protein, and the green salad provides a substantial supply of calcium, the combination of which is extremely beneficial for his health.

Yogurt and oil fruits (peanuts, almonds, nuts)

If your kid has become saturated with packaged sandwiches, then point to another type of snack that will provide the protein and calcium it needs. Yogurt combined with oily fruits is the healthiest, most satisfying and nutritious choice your child needs at school.

How do you manage to integrate protein and calcium into your child's school package? Tell us your ideas in the comments section below.

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