15 replicas of mothers. What do they actually mean?

15 replicas of mothers. What do they actually mean?

There is a secret language of mothers, rich in a lot of codes and expressions of their own, only by them known and, most of the time, understood. Below their usual replies are hidden a lot of interesting messages, which I tried to decipher. Find out what the real thoughts are behind the frequent replies of moms and then tell us if you have ever encountered one of these situations!

"Maybe" or "We'll see"

It often means "NO".

How many times have you tried to get rid of the child's insistence with such answers? It is a clever way, by which I do not give justice to the little one, but you do not upset him, because there is no concrete refusal. It always seems to be a middle ground that brings harmony into your home, doesn't it?

"Sure", "yes", "no", "yes"

Monosyllabic answers have often saved you from discussions that were meant to be endless and boring, right? When you do not "feed" a discussion through additional questions, conversations have a way of ending themselves, naturally. Short, exclamatory answers are the most clever way to escape an unwanted discussion.


Have you ever been involved in a conversation with another mom or parent, and your mind was flying somewhere else and not paying attention to what was being discussed? You did not want to seem rude and to understand to your interlocutor that the notes of her child or his latest drawing are the last things you think about. So you superficially followed the thread of the discussion and, depending on the mimicry of her face (sad, cheerful, shocked), you used some automatic answers: "oau", "stop saying!" or a simple "aha" without knowing what he was talking about!

"Wow, the drawing is wonderful"

How many times have you not watched, with admiration and pride, but also with great confusion, the drawings, often unintelligible of your child? You did not know exactly what was drawn on the sheet and, for fear of not baptizing a puppy, cat, or a house, washing machine, you prefer never to mention what he drew, when you compliment him for his creation.

You wouldn't want the little one to break out a new world war in your house, just because you couldn't figure out what he drew on paper, so you choose the safest way and just say how wonderful and great it is. his drawing.

"Let's play. It's called the game of silence"

When you simply feel that you no longer resist hearing the baby's screams, but you do not want to quarrel or force him to shut up, call, as it is good for a modern and knowledgeable mom, the most effective "tool" to determine him. make it quiet: the game!

"Where did you hear that?"

It is my mother's way of rebelling in front of some rumors and of transmitting that "I am not interested in the source of this rumor; what I am trying to convey to you through my reaction is that what you have heard is a lie and an evil that you should not have to believe!".

"Because I say so!"

It is not the most suitable and educational replica that you can give to your child, but when you are at a disadvantage in a verbal "fight" with him and you feel that you are losing a lot of ground, it seems to be the simplest and at hand. solution.

"Mommy needs privacy in the bathroom!"

"It is the only place where I can relax for 10-20 minutes and where I can enjoy a glass of wine, without the sharp and curious eyes of the child." This seems to be the cry for help of a mother at the end of her powers, who finds in the bathroom an intimate space where she can gather her thoughts, but also charge her batteries with energy.

"Stop saying!", "I don't think so!" "Really?"

In free translation, these verbal reactions actually mean "what was in your head" or "how can you do something like that?" But said more politely, so as not to offend or criticize.

"Wait a second!", "Just a minute, please"

It is the siretlic most often used by mothers to gain some time in front of a delicate question of the child or to calm down in front of a nasdravanie, before bursting into a fit of anger. Therefore, it is best to reserve a few seconds to take a deep breath or to seek an appropriate answer to the little boy's question.

"Ask Dads"

It is the easiest way to escape when you get tired of always being the bad parent, to whom the child always has a spit, so you pass this role to the father. And moms know exactly when to use this replica: when they have to refuse the baby or give him some bad news.

"I like how you dressed"

In other words, "It seems old-fashioned how you dressed, but the code of good manners says I have to be polite and not criticize the people I barely know. Besides, you are the mother of my child's best friend. I would not hate you! "

"Do you think this is the best idea?"

"In fact, it's the stupidest idea I've ever heard, but I don't want to offend you. Maybe you can understand the message from my rhetorical question!", A mum surprised by what she hears from an interlocutor seems to think .

"If you feel bad, I will give you an injection"

How often do you not hear your child saying he does not want to go to school or school, because he feels bad, has a fever or has a tummy ache? All you have to do is tell him that if he feels bad, you will give him an injection, that the little boy will quickly jump out of bed and prefer to go to school, than to see the needle in front of his eyes.

"The dog loves you the most!"

And the continuation would be "that's why you always have to take him out, feed him, wash him, etc.", don't you? It is a method by which the mothers take on a responsibility on their shoulders and so loaded with worries and problems.

Do you know any other replicas often used by mothers? In which of the above situations do you find yourself frequently? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

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