Learning camps, a context for your child's success

Learning camps, a context for your child's success

The more you can control or create more factors that create a context, the better you can outline that context. The camp is a context in which the children feel good, have pleasant memories, which will consolidate a strong and functional personality for the coming years.

We live in a world where social reality is more important than anything. How children communicate and learn plays a crucial role in their development. Infospeed camps are designed to provide children with a positive social environment, in which children learn powerful mechanisms and skills that complement and shape their personality.

The training courses are chosen from the perspective of a 62 years experience of the team of experts, teachers and elite psychologists in Romania. They practice all 3 human structures:

  • Physical - morning, evening gymnastics, trips and games;
  • Mental - trainings and applications;
  • Soul - games, movies, parties, karaoke.

Within the camps are friends, children model many habits and skills from other children and trainers. That is why all children who wish to participate are carefully tested beforehand.

The 19th edition of the Infospeed Camps starts this year on April 7th. The first camp, which will take place on April 7-12, will bring together students from the second - seventh grades. It will be organized at the Dumbrava Minunata Guesthouse, in Bran, in a quiet area, which offers the perfect immersion in nature. The children will be divided into three groups, depending on the age group and the learning level of each one. Parents will be able to follow the children's activity daily, on the Association's Facebook account, where photos from the camp will be posted.

"From our experience, the children integrate very quickly the techniques and information from the camp and use them in school and in their daily lives. Parents are amazed to find that they return home safer and with interaction and adaptation skills to the obvious environment. improved! ", shows Alexandru Bordea, the coordinating trainer of the project.

The Infospeed Association organizes 4-year learning camps, and the training that participants receive during them has very good results immediately and with a long-term impact.

We expect you to register the little one in the InfoSpeed ​​Camp on the phone 0724577300 (Alexandru Bordea) or by email: [email protected]

About the Infospeed Association

Launched in 2002, InfoSPEED is the most important program in the field of lifelong learning and the development of information learning and processing skills. It aims at human-centered learning and the development of its life skills.

InfoSPEED is a program recognized by the National Program of Excellence Education, launched by the EDUGATE Consortium, which facilitates the access of young people and adults to the education of excellence throughout their lives - a national program for improving the education in Romania that they have joined and continue to adhere to. organizations and institutions, schools and specialists in education.

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