Happy Cinema introduces special movie views for parents with babies

Happy Cinema introduces special movie views for parents with babies

Most of the time, parents plan with great care the child's first visit to the cinema. I choose the film carefully and choose the right time, most often when the youngest is 3 or 4 years old. But why not enjoy the movie with the little one and up to this age?

Happy Cinema Bucharest organizes from June a special section in the movie program: views dedicated to mothers and fathers with babies! In this program, parents will enjoy watching some top movies, under special conditions: the sound of the film will be dimmed, and in the room the lights will not be completely extinguished, so that the babies will not be scared and at first they will not play trailers and commercials. The friendly and calm atmosphere of the cinema will make the new parents escape stress and relax at the cinema. The first viewing will take place on June 17 at 12:00 with the movie Rough Night, a comedy with Scarlett Johansson.

"We felt it was appropriate to offer parents the opportunity to enjoy the experience of walking to the cinema without fear that other spectators will be upset. In addition, parents can spend quality time with their babies and do not have to look good to go to the film. We also want to support the socialization of moms and dads and to give them the opportunity to see and discuss the newest premieres, "says Diana Cercel, marketing manager Happy Cinema.

Happy Cinema makes families happy!

The visions are organized in partnership with the SAMAS Health Association for Mothers and Infants.

HAPPYCINEMA Bucharest is located in the Liberty Center, 10 minutes from the Unirii Square on Progress Road 151-171, Sector 5.

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