What meaning does the color of your child's eyes have?

What meaning does the color of your child's eyes have?

Many parents wonder what color the baby's eyes will have, even before the baby comes into the world. Due to the complexity of genetics and the way in which melanin influences the color of the eyes, there is a range of possible colors. In other words, parents with goat or black eyes may have children with eyes that are light in color and vice versa. So, no matter what you expect, you might be surprised.

The eyes reflect the child's emotions

Eye color it is the result of the genetic characteristics of the child and reflects its individuality. It usually falls into four large color groups. The eyes of the goats are the most widespread, being followed by the blue ones. Only 3% of the planet's population is born with green or black eyes.

In the people it is said that the eyes are "the mirror of the soul", some windows through which the others have access to our inner world. Specialists studying the iris say that the eyes are indicators of a person's health. From a psychological perspective, eye color can be a means of assessing a person's personality, character or abilities.

Here is a description of the children's personality according to eye color:

Children with blue eyes

Children with blue eyes are sometimes perceived as shy and weak in character. On the other hand, they can be extremely competitive and resistant to stress. They like sports that do not require speed, such as golf.

They respond harder to visual or auditory stimuli, but they have more logical thinking than people with dark eyes. They have very good time planning and structuring skills. When attached to someone, they do so from the perspective of a lifetime relationship.

Children with goat eyes

Specialists have noticed that people with goat eyes have faster reflexes and are more alert than those with an open eye color. They can engage in sports that involve agility and immediate reactions, such as football, basketball or handball.

Children with goat eyes have very intense feelings. They can prove extremely protective of their loved ones or very jealous. They are polite, romantic and get more involved in a social situation. They tend to dream with open eyes and sometimes confuse reality with fantasy.

Although they are attracted to social life, they may feel embarrassed in certain contexts involving human interaction. They have moments when they feel the need to withdraw into solitude, reading or meditating on their inner being. This ability of insight helps them to easily overcome conflicts or annoyances and makes them tolerant and understanding.

People with green eyes

Green eyes are considered "attractive, sexy and mysterious". People with this color of eyes love to live their lives to the fullest. In general, people with green eyes have a contradictory thread, as if in their head there is always a fight between "yes" and "no". They are independent and it is difficult for them to stop at one partner. In love, they like to play with fire. I always see a good part in each one, being the kind of people everywhere with open arms. They are charismatic, with a very well developed sense of humor. They tend to become envious and forget about what they have.

Only 2% of the world's population is born with this shade of eyes. Green eyes are most commonly found in Iceland, Hungary, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Black eyes

They are among the rarest on the planet, with only 1% of the world's population having black eyes. Most people with black eyes are in Africa, Asia and America. Black eyes mean more melanin. This substance acts as an insulator for connections between brain cells, enhancing sports skills and fast thinking.

People with black eyes are very passionate and temperamental, often being perceived as leaders. He loves to take risks and never say "no" to a challenge. They tend to contradict everyone, even if they are not right. Despite the fact that they seem unapproachable and difficult to conquer, they show infinite patience in relationships with others and are very upset. They are tolerant, but never forget a heavy word. They are fierce fighters and never leave their friends hard.