6 organizing tips from moms

6 organizing tips from moms

Order and discipline are two of the rules of behavior that many parents have to learn with children, even if the age difference between them is significant. In order to raise an orderly or organized child, it is important that you, in your turn, master these skills. If you have arrears in this area and your life is often a chaos that you cannot put an end to, self-discipline with the help of some relevant and effective advice from experienced moms!

Magic board with daily responsibilities of the family

For a better organization, but also more transparent of the house, a mother came up with an ingenious idea: chalk board, mounted in a neutral space of the house, which notes, in the evening, the day-to-day responsibilities of each member of the family.

In this way, no one forgets what to do, and in the evening, draws a line and ticks everything that has been accomplished and what has not been done on that day. It is a smart way to keep the responsibilities of the family under control, but also to share the attributions as accurately as possible.

Extender for the orderly storage of clothes on the hanger

Instead of creating a mountain of clothes on the armchair or moping them in the bottom of the closet and then forgetting them, it uses an ingenious trick of a mom: purchasing the clothes hanger with a hanger. It is that simple metal frame, which allows the organized storage of the clothes, without the risk of their siphoning. One advantage is that it does not occupy as much space as a closet.

Decorative baskets and boxes to prevent clutter

Baskets and decorative boxes, from raffia, wood or bamboo, are extremely useful for keeping small objects together, which tend to be scattered throughout the house. They can be kept "in sight", being part of the decoration of the house, and if they are large, they can accommodate not only the children's toys, but also clothes or food, or books and notebooks.

Cabinet and office compartment

Give your child a helping hand to keep the room cleaner. If he can't always put things in their place, give him a "boost." Print each drawer or door of the closet or office with the names of the objects stored in it: a drawer with stockings, a door with books and books, another with toys, so that the little one can make cleaning in the bedroom easier and get used to it. - Put things in place.

Keeping the child's drawings together in books and albums created manually

The organization and the orderly maintenance of the drawings that the child makes is a real challenge when the little one wants to have them all in sight. Although you stuck a few on the walls and framed some "masterpieces", you can not fill the room with all the drawings.

Give your child a nice and useful way to keep them all in one place, without the risk of losing or spreading them: albums created manually or cartoons with drawings, which you can make together.

The rule of eating in the kitchen

It does not allow any member of the house to eat in a room other than in the kitchen. This way, you will narrow the area of ​​clutter and cracks only to its space, without having to pack the vacuum cleaner daily, throughout the house.

What is your most effective organizational trick? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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