Why doesn't baby sleep? 3 possible causes that almost all parents are unaware of

Why doesn't baby sleep? 3 possible causes that almost all parents are unaware of

If your baby doesn't sleep at night and often wakes you up, these lesser-known factors could be the cause.

A lot of fresh parents confess that they have forgotten since they had not had a sleepless night - tail. Swinging, various accessories with baby music, nurtured - like nothing works in such situations, right? There are a few lesser known reasons that hide behind a child who often wakes up at night.

1. We feel it on our skin, it also feels baby, but we often ignore it or find different explanations.

Certainly you, as an adult, have happened to feel that your nose is eating, that the air in the house is dry or that the skin "holds you". Babies feel this even more acute and if we as adults get used to various sensations and do not wake up because of them, babies wake up from sleep and cry to any slight discomfort. Therefore, a common cause of interrupted and restless sleep of newborns is dry air in the room.

The optimum humidity in the room where the baby sleeps is between 50 and 65% and you can get it very easily with such air humidifiers. Moreover, such devices are not only helpful during the night and to have a quiet sleep, but also to keep away all allergies, irritations and the feeling of discomfort caused by dry air. Too dry air can lead to the appearance of crusts on the nose of babies, but also to the drying and irritation of their skin so sensitive.

The humidity level in the home is important for adults, not just for children. It is a basic condition of healthy environments.

2. A factor ignored or mistakenly treated by many parents

Another extremely important aspect is the room temperature. From the desire to protect their children, the parents dress them too thick during the night or set the boiler to too high a temperature. It is a very common mistake that causes them discomfort at night. Pediatricians say to follow a very simple rule - if the parent feels good at a certain temperature, and the child will be comfortable - so he does not need more heat.

Think about how uncomfortable you feel during hot summer nights when you turn from one side to the other and twist the pillow just to feel a little cool. If the room is too hot or you have dressed too thick, so is your baby. In the first weeks of life a temperature between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius is recommended, but after 5-6 weeks, it should be 18-20 degrees.

3. Check and order in the sleep program

People, in general, and babies in particular, work very well after clear and well-established programs. You have probably noticed that after a period when the alarm was raised from 6.00 to 6.00, your body naturally wakes you up because you have become accustomed to this program. Well, so does your baby's body, after hours and well-established rules. So, for him to sleep throughout the night, you should have a sleep schedule and keep it tight. At first it will seem difficult to implement, but in 1-2 weeks you will see that the baby gets used to it. The secret is to be consistent.

Have you considered these factors so far?

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