Let's meet the champions!

Let's meet the champions!

Of the over 200 children between the ages of 4 and 10 who played easy, fun and healthy tennis in Tennis tournaments10, 150 won at least one competition in 2012. Thanks to the victories they have secured their right to participate in the most anticipated event of the year in the Tennis community10: Champions Tournament. The competition that will designate the best of the best will take place on December 8, at the Dinamo Sports Club, and will bring children from all over the country.

As expected, most of them will come from Bucharest, with 37 children from the capital going to storm the muddy fields of Dinamo club. Brasov is on the second place, with 14 children, followed by Constanta and Galati, each with 11. There are no other counties, as Cluj, Timis and Arges are also well represented.

Although the main condition necessary to participate is to have won at least one championship title in the Tennis tournaments10 in the summer season 2012, some of the children far exceeded this criterion. This is the case of Dianei-Maria Viisoreanu, from Caracal, Olt county. At only 9 years old, Diana reached a record nine competitions won this year, all at the Orange level. At the Green level, the record belongs to Lucian Nae (10 years, Caracal), with six champion medals. With the same number of tournaments won, Berkant Sali (8 years, Constanta) secured a well-deserved place on this year's Championship Tournament table.

If the little ones are looking forward to the meeting between the champions, the parents are already overwhelmed with emotion.

"With great joy, but also with nostalgia, because it will be the last Tennis tournament10 (because Diana has already turned 10 years old), we can hardly wait to see you. We have lived many moments of joy together and of course we want to be at the last one. Diana was a child (at the age at which she is advised to do this), she played and, perhaps most importantly, she learned at Tennis10 to love tennis, "the parents of Diana Iacob, from Iasi, one of the most active children, told us enrolled in Tennis10.

"When he found out that he was invited to participate in the Champions Tournament he wanted to leave immediately for Bucharest. Vlad is waiting for this tournament with high hopes and has expressed his wish to train more intensely during this time, in order to win," he says father of champion Vlad Nicolae, from Cluj-Napoca.

Another father spoke to us with the same encouragement about the first experience of his son's champion, Razvan Tudor, from Bucharest: "Tears, joys, emotions, a whole amalgam of feelings and feelings filled his soul throughout this journey, and nine with us. Apart from all this, friendships on the tennis court, born of common passions, are just as important part of everything that Tennis10 means for us. Opponents on the field and friends outside. It is wonderful and exciting. ! The joy of winning the first champion medal was amplified by the fulfillment of the dream of participating in the Champions Tournament, the first for us. We hope that all participants will enjoy every moment, evolve to maximum capacities and draw from this wonderful strength and experience. the desire to progress. "

Until December 8, when the champions will enter the field, their stories are presented daily on

About Tennis10

In a context in which the first experience of children with tennis was until recently, most of the time, overwhelming, MPG launched in Romania the Tennis project 10, which encourages the little ones to discover tennis as an easy, fun sport. and healthy. Tennis10 takes into account some simple principles, by which children between the ages of 4 and 10 years orient themselves to tennis, and with the help of specific training and competitions remain attached to this sport and take the first steps to become champions.

Tennis10 is based on two essential components: on the one hand, the specific training methods, accompanied by the equipment appropriate to the age and abilities of each child, on the other hand, the competition system, designed to complete the first elements. In other words, children play tennis on smaller grounds, with shorter missiles and lighter balls, in competitions whose scoring system generates games with a shorter duration. As a result, the first experiences on the tennis field of the little ones are lacking the exaggerated effort that most have so far removed from this sport.

According to the rules of the International Tennis Federation, Tennis10 includes three play stages (Red, Orange and Green), designed to help children progress. As they move, the size of the field, the length of the rockets and the speed of the balls increase, until the player advances to standard tennis. Regarding the specific game equipment, the brands producing sports equipment have been associated with the Tennis10 project, providing special game kits: fillets, rockets and balls.

In 2013, the project will be in its fourth season. All the details about the Tennis10 project are available online, at