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Smile Factory, the place where the smile is spoiled from the teeth to the finest wrinkles

Smile Factory, the place where the smile is spoiled from the teeth to the finest wrinkles

AvantAge dental clinic becomes from October 2013 Smile Factory, bringing to Romania a new concept in the field of state-of-the-art facial aesthetics, which combines the most modern invisible orthodontic treatments with new anti-aging techniques.

Smile Factory is a friendly space, atypical of a conventional clinic, apart from the services of orthodontics, dentistry, implantology and paradantology, you can benefit from dermatocosmetic, injection, peeling, biorevitalization, microdermabrasion and facial treatments. Thus, Smile Factory is the only clinic that includes an integrated formula that takes into account both the functionality of the face (chewing, swallowing, articulation), as well as its general appearance.

Innovation at Smile Factory

The Smile Factory treatment concepts belong to Dr. dr. Friedrich Ovidiu Widu, an orthodontic doctor with a vast experience accumulated in Germany, the specialist who brought the Invisalign system into the country, receiving the title of Platin Certified Doctor from this company.

Dr.Dr. Friedrich Ovidiu Widu is one of the most recognized orthodontic specialists in Europe. He emigrated from Romania as a child, but chose to enroll in the Medicine Faculty in Bucharest. Then, specialization traineeships followed in Budapest, and after completing the studies Dr. Widu opened the first private practice in Germany. He continued with two other clinics in Switzerland, and then returned to the country, this time as an investor, opening the Smile Factory clinic chain in Timisoara, and then in Bucharest.

Invisalign is a state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment invented in the United States, consisting of a series of transparent, mobile and efficient devices to treat almost any toothpaste, without having any metal component (brackets, springs, etc.). Compared to other types of conventional devices, the advantage of Invisalign is that it does not affect the social life, being completely invisible, easy to clean and very comfortable to wear.

Uneven and incorrectly positioned teeth can now be corrected in the most modern and efficient way, by a customized, computerized, secure and comfortable method, whose components are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration, FDA, which means they are safe, they are effective and do not cause allergies.

"Smile Factory Bucharest belongs to the Smile for you clinic chain in Germany and is a comfortable and friendly space, atypical to a conventional clinic, which brings to the place systems of last generation, comfortable and invisible, together with a team of specialists defined by passion, It is important that the treatments are performed without pain, as comfortable and precise, but with special results, that is why we recommend our patients the Invisalign system, an exact, invisible and individualized orthodontic treatment, "says Dr. Friedrich Ovidiu Widu.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign consists of an invisible, comfortable, but efficient teeth guide system. The machine consists of transparent plastic elements (gutters), which gradually straightens the teeth by applying a controlled and constant force on them, until they align as we wish. During the treatment the patient will wear several sets of alignment, which he will change only once every 2 weeks, until the teeth are perfectly aligned. This offers the possibility to treat patients from all over the country, the consultations made by the specialist doctor being much rarer.

All stages of your treatment can be carried out in the Smile Factory clinic, in one of the modern offices, and the digital diagnosis will be established with the help of radiographs and fingerprints. Even before the start of the treatment, Invisalign also offers a 3D simulation (virtual treatment) in which the evolution of the personalized treatment can be observed, from the initial stage to the final one, where the position of the teeth is corrected. Therefore, each patient can see how their teeth will look at the end of treatment. Thus, a beautiful tooth can be obtained by an innovative method, in a friendly environment and benefiting from the advice and experience of a whole team of specialists.

The orthodontic treatment is personalized, so that, after the analyzes, all the information is processed by the computer according to the treatment steps established by the orthodontic specialist.

The device has the great advantage of being transparent and because of this aesthetics, it is comfortable and can be easily removed for eating or dental hygiene. "After brushing your teeth, you put it back in place and the treatment goes on without having to come to the office for this," explains Dr. Widu.

Treatment results

Invisalign solves almost any orthodontic problem, even the most complicated cases being successfully completed. Regarding the duration of the treatment, it varies from patient to patient, but on average it can be said that between one and a half years.

Invisalign can be used at any age, but only when all teeth are erupted. I can use Invisalign and adults up to the age of 60-70 years.

Beauty and health in one place

"We are concerned about the beauty of our patients' smile and everything that involves this aesthetically, because it is the expression of happiness and well-being. Your smile is our business card, which is why we chose to combine the orthodontic treatments with the techniques. of facial aesthetics, thus rendering the harmony of the whole face, "explained Giulia Gologan, Clinical Manager.

The procedures performed range from a variety of botulinum toxin injections to chemical peels, mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid treatments. Other procedures performed by dermatologists are: increased lip contouring, treatment of spasms, expression and static wrinkles (due to lack of volume), non-invasive facial remodeling, treatment of neck and neck wrinkles, biorevitalization, complete acne treatment and depigmentation, treatment of post-acne scars, peeling for melasma and facial rejuvenation, etc.


Smile Factory Bucharest

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