The legend of the wedding of Santa Nicolae

The legend of the wedding of Santa Nicolae

Nuielusa de Santa Nicolae is one of the biggest nightmares that children fear at the beginning of December. It is the "gift" that Mosul left in the icebox for children who were not happy. Nuielusa or Varguta by Santa Nicolae is an ancient tradition and has a special legend. Let's discover it together!

The story or legend of Santa Nicolae's bargain or boredom is unique and has been passed down from generation to generation. Your turn has come to teach the "stafeta" and to tell the child about the muffler he can receive in ice cream in the evening of Santa Nicolae, if he is not obedient.

It may seem curious to the child that St. Nicholas, the one whose legend says he was a good, generous and kind-hearted person, could give him such a gift, a nastiness, to punish him. But the story of the boredom is very old and came from an event that dates from the fourteenth century and happened in France.

According to one of the legends that appeared around Saint Nicholas, it was done that by the year 1552, the city of Metz in France had been taken under siege by no one other than Carol V. At that time, it was considered that Saint Nicholas walked with a frightening character, which all the inhabitants of the city feared. This was considered a caricature of Carol, who always wore a whip, with which she punished the little ones.

Out of confusion, the story of this character merged with that of Saint Nicholas. Thus, the reputation of Saint Nicholas was taken as punishing uneducated children. The whip has been transformed into a slime or a bargain, which must be a sea-kiss. After the children who have been naughty during the year receive the stroke, they must put it in a bowl of water. If it sprouts or blooms by December 25, when it is the feast of the Birth of the Lord, it is said that those children are forgiven for their mistakes and inappropriate behaviors.

Nuielusa is the symbol of negative behavior for non-obedient children. Although many parents resort to it as a method of disciplining their child, psychologists believe it is too drastic a measure, which should be "softened" a bit by joining a toy or sweets in ice cream.

If the child receives only a bitch and so, he will feel stupid and guilty, but at the same time and rejected or unloved. The attitude that parents convey by giving a bribe is too harsh and authoritarian. Psychologists say that, in order for the little ones to understand better the meaning and symbol of the vargetta, it is important to combine it with another gift, so that they can know the reward.

Only in this way, the child learns what is good, compared to what is bad, and realizes that doing well produces more satisfaction. It may also be warned that if he was more kind and did not do so much, he would have received a few more gifts from Santa, but that he has time until next year to behave beautifully and be obedient, so that next time Santa will- i fill sweets and toys.

Has your child ever received Santa Nicolae's ruse? Has he learned anything from this disciplinary "lesson"? Do you think it is advisable for the little ones who were disobedient to receive only bribes from Mosul? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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