12 tips for parents, from children

12 tips for parents, from children

It seems hard to believe that you can learn parenting tips from your own child, right? No matter what age you are, the child is an endless source of life lessons and lessons that can help you become a better parent. Even if he cannot express the advice in pompous words and complex phrases, the child's behaviors convey the simplest, most sincere and inspirational messages!

Learn to read the child's reactions and extract the most important parenting tips from them!

The acknowledged mistake is half forgiven. And then why do you guys?

In trying to get your child to always tell the truth, you always reassure him, telling him that if he recognizes his illness, nothing will be lost and he will be forgiven. But when you yell at him and punish him, although he confesses the deed, the child is upset and does not know what to believe, and in the future, he will hide the truth from you, for fear of not arguing.

I'm not naughty. I just want a little attention!

The child shoots, throws, breaks things, and you get angry. Instead of yelling at him, did you think you'd pay close attention to him and ask him what's going on with him, instead of labeling him naughty?

You want to learn things, but don't let me do almost anything!

The little one is always willing to show you that he is ready to test new "lands" in his development and that he longs for a little independence, even if you see him too young to venture into certain experiences.

I do not speak seriously when I tell you that I hate you or that I do not love you anymore! I'm just angry!

Your soul breaks when the child tells you that you hate yourself or that you are the worst parent there is. But it's just his way of saying "you know I'm small and I want everything, I have a low degree of frustration tolerance, and when I'm angry, I try to upset you, to feel exactly what I feel."

Always keep your promises! Otherwise, how can I trust you?

When you break the promises made to the child, it breaks his heart, but you also turn into a negative model for him. He will not realize the value of these commitments nor will he trust you anymore!

You can sometimes be harsher or authoritarian with me! I know I'm wrong!

Even if it does not seem, the child always knows when he is wrong and even expects to be punished or disputed. If your reaction is delayed in appearing or overlooking his pictures, the little one will never know the limits and will not be able to differentiate between what is good and what is bad.

My nicknames and jokes frustrate me!

Even if labels like "ugly", "rude", "stupid" seem funny to you, your child will feel stupid when you nick him or laugh at his nonsense. It does not amuse him, but it frustrates him and it affects his confidence and self-esteem!

If you love me and hug me, it doesn't mean you spoil me!

Your child needs and feeds with your affection and always shows this when he takes your hand and wants in your arms. It is the way the little one says to you: "show me that you love me, I need to feel this, in order to be able to overcome the situations in which I feel in danger".

It doesn't always sit with my mouth! At some point, I will stop listening to you!

The disciplining of the child does not mean continuous reproaches against his negative behaviors, which only accentuate them further. When it is constantly contested, it begins to become immune to the disciplinary message you are trying to convey and it retains nothing essential in them.

Take me with you to the shopping! How do you want to know, otherwise, what the money is and what is done with them?

The child frequently gives you signals that he wants to go shopping with you, when you go shopping for bags or study the money with astonishment. It is his way of telling you that he is ready to discover the world of shopping and the value of money.

Stop arguing in public! It's rude!

"Mommy, do you need to read or re-read the code of good manners, which says that it is not polite to raise your voice and quarrel with me in public?" apply it face to face with them.

It does not satisfy all my lusts! I don't need all the things I ask for!

"I know you don't want me to miss anything and you would give me the moon from heaven, if you could, but I don't need everything I ask of you. Sometimes I do it to test your limits or to give you attract attention. "
What other tips and messages do you think children convey through their behaviors and reactions? Tell us your tips in the comments section below!

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