Recommendations for future mothers: what does a responsible pregnancy mean?

Recommendations for future mothers: what does a responsible pregnancy mean?

Dr. Alina Ursuleanu, primary obstetrics and gynecologist

As we know, pregnancy involves a change in lifestyle, which involves more care for our health and the developing baby. First of all, it is recommended that pregnant women adopt a balanced lifestyle, combining light exercise, diversified nutrition and sufficient rest to enjoy a pregnancy and easy birth, as well as a healthy baby.

  • Eating plays a very important role during pregnancy, so try to adopt a healthy diet, rich in calcium and iron, while ensuring your daily dose of vitamins through the consumption of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, but also meat. It is important that foods have a low fat content and are structured in three meals a day, and dinner should not be consumed less than three hours before bedtime.
  • Moreover, a future responsible mom should have a stable rest schedule, 7-9 hours of sleep per night. In order to enjoy a quiet and restful sleep, you should reduce as much as possible the stress level, as well as the hours of sleep during the day. As for the recommended sleeping position, this should be on the left side, with one pillow under the belly and between the legs.
  • It is important to remember that prenatal health is also maintained by regular medical checks, so do not forget to attend all the necessary medical examinations. In addition, any decision regarding the administration of medicines or vaccines should be discussed with the doctor, as well as the start of any treatment, not necessarily medication.
  • The habit of drinking alcohol should be eliminated, as it can have serious consequences on fetal development. Since during pregnancy the circulatory system of the mother communicates through the umbilical cord with that of the baby, we must ensure that the training body receives all the nutrients necessary for a normal evolution. If this small organism comes into contact with various substances, to which it may have a certain sensitivity that we do not know yet, certain syncopes may develop, generating malformations, growth retardation and other conditions. Those related to alcohol consumption during pregnancy are manifested by congenital malformations, known as the Spectrum of Fetal Alcohol Disorders, which affect the newborn in life.

All these recommendations are responsible behavior during pregnancy, their compliance ensuring the normal development of the baby. Considering that, after birth, the period in which you were caring for yourself has ended, the pregnancy is a period of accommodating with the thought that the attention will now be divided between you and your little one. You can read more information about what a responsible pregnancy means: - Alcohol and pregnancy.

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