Training through the game the most appropriate responses to the sensations that have arisen

Training through the game the most appropriate responses to the sensations that have arisen

Most of the time you do not need to experience something to know what your correct answer is to stay safe. "You don't have to hit me with the bat to know it hurts!" It would be absurd to believe that children must first be victims in order to know how to react to their safety. Through the game and various scenarios, they can learn how to avoid difficult situations.

In some schools fire drills are practiced. They are done for a reason. Routine plays a very important role in getting a proper response in emergencies. If people repeat the correct answers to certain alarms, then it is very possible to react almost automatically when that alarm is even triggered. In a dangerous situation, there is not much time to think: just react. The chances of your little ones reacting properly are far greater if they trust their instincts and, in addition, have been taught how to react.

Next we will see how you can conduct an exercise on rolls.

Think of a potentially dangerous situation for the child. Describe the child's situation in more detail, trying to make it look as real as possible, but not scary. There is no need to scare the child as a tactic for safety education.

Ask the child to identify a feeling, a sensation that the situation gives him and then identify what caused that feeling. Ask him who he thinks would be the most appropriate reaction to what he feels and discuss this answer.

Ask him what result he would like. Discuss various scenarios until you get a positive and successful result. Review the situation, the feeling and the response. Do not be afraid to offer suggestions. This exercise will give you a sufficiently eloquent picture of the child's possible reaction in certain situations. Don't be alarmed if it has nothing to say. Remember that he did not live in that situation and simply has no place to "grasp" it. This is actually the role of this exercise: now you can imagine your situation!


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