Alice in Wonderland, an interactive theater show

Alice in Wonderland, an interactive theater show

Christmas with Brioselor - Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, December 9, 11.00 am

An interactive theater show for children from 2-99 years old when she plays at home

Alice and her friends celebrate Christmas, sing carols and eat brunch. The living room is filled with joy awaiting Santa! Come along with them to live in the world where the noises not only make your eye, but you also sing, the caterpillars turn into butterflies with a song and the cats have bells in their tails.


In her world, Alice can be big when she is little, always having a baby. Uncles and aunts themselves become characters in the story, but they keep some narratives from reality. When the story goes crazy, Alice unravels the spell by opening her eyes wide to the big people who are, in fact, so dear.

An interactive show and very close to the children's soul, "Alice in the living room of wonders" borrows elements specific to their way of playing and understanding of the surrounding world. Performance presented at the Operetta Theater festival, "Life is Beautiful" 2012 edition.

Featuring: Viorica Pintilie (Alice), Razvan Ropotan (Rabbits), Radu Craciun (Hats), Ruxandra Coman (Cat) and Doina Pop (Queen)

Directed by: Selma Dragos, costumes: Doina Pop, musical improvisation: Loredana Mitrut

Photo: Cristina Ropotan

Admission: 25 lei / person

Tickets for this show can be purchased through, details on 0723.565.113.

The world of MOMO, str. Grigore Cobalcescu no. 51, sector 1, Bucharest